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  1. Granted. Everyone is the new guy at the cubicle next to mine, except everyone just calls him by his nickname, Evon. I wish the government was staffed by a bunch of petulant children so their actions would make more sense in context.
  2. Granted... your body parts are now organized alphabetically from top to bottom instead of in the order that developed naturally through millions of years of evolution. I with I didn't have a lithp.
  3. Granted. Unfortunately, the genie got his Yagobish dialects mixed up, so instead of "I wish I could have the most amazing life ever" he heard "I wish I could catch the most amazing disease ever:... which, in case it isn't obvious, is incurable and fatal within an hour of contraction. I wish I had a basket of kittens to play with.
  4. Granted. He saw the movie, and the powers and ideas he witnessed were so awesome that he spent his entire life striving to gain similar powers. After decades of effort he finally achieved his god-like status, and upon doing so he traveled back in time and replaced the original script of "Sphere" with one that would deter others from taking the same path as he, therefore preserving his uniqueness and protecting his powers from those who would try and stop him. I wish I had some cookies and a glass of milk.
  5. Principals: Auramyna & Brainiac100 1. flamebirde - voting for dyalDragon 6. dyalDragon - vote flamebirde 11. lahiem Dead: 7. akaslickster- Incapacitated N1 by Chorus 8. marksmanjay- Expelled D1 as Prom Committee 10. Yodell - Handicapped N2 by Guitar Club 5. TheCube - Humiliated D2 as Band 9. Panther - Bullied N2 by Guitar Club 2. nana77 - Defenestrated D3 as Guitar Club 4. vcvcvc12 - scared off N4 by Chorus 3. Kikacat123 - won and left school N4 as Future Farmers of America lahiem, I'm sure that flame is the Chorus... flame, is there any role you would like to claim to deny this??
  6. Sing a lullaby to the cougar... "Soft Kitty" would probably work
  7. I knew most of that one, but I wasn't going to Google the rest of it and I couldn't remember the YKYSBG part.
  8. Slick did not have the yes/no ability.... It's possible that Yodell had the yes/no ability though.
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