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  1. Ah well, no worries! Maybe more later today or tomorrow ... many things to do today that don't involve lurking here!
  2. No, sorry, more still needed!
  3. After my last one I've still got nothing else for 4 ... not that makes as much sense, anyway!
  4. No, but certainly keep being the 2nd! And 10 is quite taken care of! Yea!
  5. Am glad you still like ... hopefully it hasn't been the cause of monetary damage to anyone's desk area. I'm sure it will probably come back to you, though if you're like me it will be as soon as someone else guesses it! Have a good evening!
  6. ALLLL Righty then! It is definitely time for an update, and, I think to fully reveal the (as I've mentioned before) rather dubious "theme" for which you are striving. Here's what's been guessed so far on the remaining 3 confusers:
  7. Certainly no disappointment, fun as always! & do hope you're feeling better!!
  8. While it would make the sentence true, it's not the pair I'm looking for!
  9. No, I'm pretty sure "she" wasn't *that* nice! Doesn't *quite* go with the rather dubious "theme", but as it goes along with some of it, I'll call it an acceptable alternate answer!
  10. THEN...maybe Then again, maybe not. Interesting guess though!
  11. IF a booby is what i think it is... Ha ha! But no, not that kind of booby.
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