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  1. tiger_lily111

    OMG that means you HAVE to download the Eagles' "Lying Eyes" & take a listen!
  2. Exactly! Thought you might like the title ... I enjoyed writing it, hope others enjoyed it!
  3. No, not that either ... whatever it's called.
  4. That's ok! But as you surmised, no, it's not that.
  5. In a way you're getting closer!
  6. No ... think metaphorically.
  7. No, but that is a nice idea!
  8. No, I'm afraid I don't know of any birds that could do all that!
  9. Not directly, but maybe when I'm done!
  10. I tend a garden full of flowers, my garden has some bees. The rain comes down at odd hours and bubbles through the leaves. I tend a garden near the sea, I bring to it my flowers. I plant them here and randomly mix them for their colors. I tend a garden in the summer when it's humid and hot. The flowers oft twine together, granted, it's their lot. I tend a garden that's grown wild, and I must make it smaller. Shape and mold, make it mild, and then let it grow taller. I tend a garden in the desert, the flowers grow and spread. Delicious smells, tho not vert, are heady it is said. I tend a garden at my home, and when I cut my flowers everyone completes their roam to enjoy the lovely bowers.
  11. Yes it is! Figured it would be relatively easy, but on here sometimes you never know.
  12. Hold tight, stand fast! Don't let them pass! Though we may call We will stand tall And won't let you Walk right on through! I can't really say much else without giving it away, so I'll let you guess for now.
  13. tiger_lily111

    Ha! Great job! & ENJOY your vacation PG!
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