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  1. So very very close! Yes! And Athena takes it! But since you both got part of it, you both get some credit! Yea, one more down! (Edit for: my dyslexia even had ME confused, sorry!! ) Unfortunately, yet again not it. Although you might be moving more towards the general idea of one of the words ... All right, everybody who's still playing, #14 is the LAST ONE folks!! To remind you, here it is: 14. The ______ booby was unfortunately the ______ representative for the delegation. And if you want the "hint" again:
  2. EDM & Athena, you should compare notes. Afraid you're still confused for 14, PG.
  3. tiger_lily111

    Wow, esoteric enough it didn't cross my mind, but as soon as I saw it went, 'oh yeah!' Great riddle MrsP & great job at finding the one correct reference DD!
  4. No, not that for ... 14? (or 15, for that matter)
  5. No, it shouldn't be the same word twice ... as per the "theme" one word could be confused for the other.
  6. No no, you're moving away ... try the words I've pointed towards.
  7. tiger_lily111

    Edit for: I guess that's really not any kind of performing though, drat.
  8. Hmm ... try the dictionary &/or thesaurus, maybe that'll help you decide on something that would be grammatically correct?
  9. thinking it out loud.......it even sounds wrong.....my english acing days are over.... Getting there
  10. I have to agree with DD. Dang, obviously I'm not lurking enough lately!!
  11. EDM is on the scent with her 2nd guess ...
  12. So far still nothing else correct.
  13. Ha ha! I missed out on this one completely, but take heart Wilson! I thought plasmid was talking about BOTH your take and his! (While not an expert, I did grow up on a cattle farm & did 4H, & then also spent some time in the dairy industry before going back to school - hence why I can say both are certainly plausible!)
  14. tiger_lily111

    Nah, it's only been up a couple hours! Wait till a few more folks are awake or sneak into the Den at work. Myself I'm going to try to go back to sleep since I'm not normally up at this "godforsaken" hour, maybe later in the day I'll have another go if someone else doesn't have it yet!
  15. Hey EDM, no, not those either. If you'd like to keep guessing at any of them, please feel free, but as an FYI the ones that haven't yet been answered correctly are #13 & 14. In I gave an update of what had been guessed up to that point for those, as well as some re-writes I provided originally in Hope that's helpful & NOT confusing!
  16. No, not that. PS to all - sorry for being MIA, internet + computer problems = no updates!
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