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  1. Just a Nothing else so far, though your answer to 14 made me laugh Noob! I'll give a slight HINT Edit:
  2. tiger_lily111

    Ok, I have to ask. What's that??
  3. Recap Answered: 1, 3, 4, 5 (alternate), 7, 9, 11, 12 Still Confusing: 2, 5, 6, 8, 10, 13, 14, 15
  4. Correct! Nope No to both Guess........... No for #8, but good guess! That one's one of the trickiest. And *so close* on #11. (spelling/order counts!) Humorous but indeed incorrect Correct for 7, 11, & 12, and you have the alternate correct answer for 5 (with the 2nd set).
  5. I'm not quite sure of the rules....could you explain for me please? Yes, you have #3. It's a word pair, but as you can see
  6. Some might consider this a HINT, others may think it's simply ... Quite Confusing
  7. tiger_lily111

    Guess it was, but it was fun! I enjoyed the expression of the verses.
  8. tiger_lily111

    but it also in ways makes me think of various other slightly more specific things So, obviously, this is going to require more thought!
  9. No, I'm afraid nothing else yet!
  10. tiger_lily111

    Sweet! Nice riddle yet again MrsP! I admit I was thinking you wanted more of a specific type, but I couldn't decide for sure. & Goebel, yes welcome! Many of us have found the Den that way ... I think you can even vote on it somewhere off the forum main page.
  11. That's why you didn't want to say more, eh? Yes indeed! Quite right! Though your guesses for 13 & 6 aren't, sorry. Very good!
  12. This one is correct, but none of the other guesses so far!
  13. You have #3. As you don't like hints, I won't say anything about the other yet! I'll be on & off today, but I'll catch up when I can!
  14. 1. I gave her a ______ on how the color accents ______ the room. 2. The ______ answer was given in a ______ manner. 3. Because the tooth was very ______, the girl knew she would ______ it soon. 4. The man was very ______ to ______ situations as they made him uncomfortable. 5. She was unable to ______ the undamaged ______ after her bike crash. 6. The flat ______ did not ______ for nothing; it was flaky and delicious! 7. Because of her motion sickness, the ______ route became ______. 8. While I ______ that I would like some ice cream, he does not ______ it. 9. A cleansed ______ allows the ______ of flavors to be better appreciated. 10. Though they did not break up amicably, she was rather ______ to ______ him. 11. Watermelon can be a lovely ______ in the ______ after a meal. 12. ______ going to ______ new place over ______. 13. He took ______ offense to such ______ actions. 14. The ______ booby was unfortunately the ______ representative. 15. They were unable to ______ the ______ on the matter. SPELLING COUNTS!
  15. tiger_lily111

    Ooh, think I have it!
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