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  1. tiger_lily111

    Yea! Good fun riddle! (maybe especially for us science-y geeks!)
  2. tiger_lily111

    And for clarity, I think this is the last one remaining. Working on it, but so far stumped.
  3. tiger_lily111

    btw, I need a real vacation!!
  4. Thanks to everyone who played. Hope you enjoyed it, & maybe have a few titles to grab from your local library or bookstore to fill the free moments. And Props go to: (hopefully I got everyone!) gemlou = #1,4,11 Justkiknback = #2 Prof. Templeton = #6,9,13 Hugemonkey = #5,8 intern121 = #3,7,10,12,14,15 And once again, the WOOT! goes to intern121!
  5. & HG finishes it off!
  6. Absolutely! One more to go ... it's probably the trickiest, but it can be done! 8. Undisclosed Continuance of Antiquated Community Gatherings
  7. Turns out, yes! Correct for (7) & 12, and a WOOT to intern121 ... They are indeed all Top 100 titles for 2008! That leaves only: 8. Undisclosed Continuance of Antiquated Community Gatherings 10. That Which Can Be Forecast While You Wait
  8. tiger_lily111

    Are we theme-ing summer bbq here?
  9. For the ones previously answered, yes. For you, correct on 3, 14, 15! The remaining book titles are: 7. K/M Sublime Fusion Reactors 8. Undisclosed Continuance of Antiquated Community Gatherings 10. That Which Can Be Forecast While You Wait 12. Enter the Untouched
  10. tiger_lily111

    Some people don't like to read the spoilers and want to know if they have the correct answer without outside help.
  11. Ha, guess I could actually put in a little explanation!
  12. tiger_lily111

    I have absolutely NO IDEA what you're talking about. Honestly. No clue. What were we discussing again?
  13. Yes indeed, it is You can see more about them And if you're traveling in The City,
  14. Unfortunately, that was the wrong word. But again, this is really really close! I'm honestly not being "nit picky" because there is a difference!
  15. I guess I should be more specific in just HOW close Typical was.
  16. If so, she's really opened up the genres & topics ... Nope, 'fraid not!
  17. I'll give HG a high 5, but sorry, you can't get a Woot! They were indeed all on NYT bestsellers list, but they're also on an even more specific list.
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