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  1. [spoiler=What We *Think* We Know for #5?" ]small male = boy stuck in -> director? (N?) Michigan -> MI Area -> A? OR Michigan Area -> UP? Code -> anagram? Ward -> charge, +or -, hospital, protect I probably missed a hint somewhere ... I usually do.
  2. tiger_lily111

    I just don't have how it fits yet ...
  3. If so, I hope you are not also sick. I wish everyone luck w/this today because I'm going back to bed. If it's still around tomorrow I'll try some more, but headaches = not good thinking. Have a lovely day!
  4. Hee hee! Yes it is! (my backyard is losing the battle!)
  5. Nope, although in the abstract I agree!
  6. I will not have your kind here! You are outlawed, despite other properties. Your pretend innocence will not fool me, nor will your vitriol spread! For thievery and murder, I sentence you to removal, and death!
  7. tiger_lily111

    Not to be contrary,
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