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Justice League UNLEASHED


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Justice League UNLEASHED

First Arc: Beginnings

The South Pole

Down the cold corridor the lone superhero made his rounds, his steps sounding clearly upon the solid ice floor. Here, this wing of this fortress of solitude, was both sanctuary and incarceration for numerous extraterrestrial species. These poor creatures, like him, were orphans of their various worlds, which had been destroyed by conflict, nature, or...something far more sinister.

As he was portioning out fresh fish to a creature that somewhat resembled a cross between a hippopotamus and a platypus, the alien crystals that comprised the control system for the structure lit up and a voice reverberated upon the frozen walls.

“Kal-el, John is requesting your presence,” the voice of the father he never knew spoke evenly.

“Alright, I’m done here, tell him I’ll fly out to him,” the hero replied, tossing the last of the fish.

“He says that...is not necessary.”

A flash of light, and the hero was gone.

Gotham City

The alarm on his bedside sounded, and the vigilante drew himself out of bed after his usual two hours of sleep. He rotated his shoulder was still sore from a rousing ‘game of cards’ with the Royal Flush Gang, and then threw himself into his morning workout.

When he was halfway through his second set of 100 push-ups, a formally dressed elderly gentleman who was the image of composure, knocked upon his door, carrying a tray.

“Master Bruce, a message.”

The dark-haired man wiped the sweat from his brow. “What is it, Alfred?”

“It is from Mr. Jones. He says, ‘see you soon’.”

The vigilante opened his mouth to protest, but before a sound came out, he was gone.

An island in the Bermuda Triangle

Her opponent was larger, true, and meaner, but the princess did not flinch. She deflected all the heavy punches that came at her with the fury of Heracles with her forearms, raising them in front of her. Her actions were strong and sharp, yet careful and meticulous. Finally, she noticed her opponent’s blow slowing, a sign of fatigue, and she made her move, ducking the next swing and countering with a well-placed uppercut, elbow, and flourishing with a spinning roundhouse.

Her opponent staggered a few steps, but then collapsed upon the ground. The audience of her sisters broke into cheers. She smiled and waved.

“Diana!” a shrill cry broke through the applause as a slender cloaked form glided forward.

“Yes, Oracle?” the princess inquired, frowning.

“He calls to you...to come to him...”

The princess huffed and tossed her wavy ebony hair. “I answer the calls of no man.”

The Oracle’s white, pupiless eyes widened. “But this is no man...”

Before she could finish, the princess was gone.

A neighborhood in Detroit, Michigan

The soldier strolled down the street in his old neighborhood, his hands planted in the pocket of his trench coat, the brim of his hat hiding his features. A sudden breeze lifted it momentarily, revealing shrewd, impossibly green eyes set in mahogany skin that were surveying his surroundings.

There was a cry, and then he was aware of an object coming towards him. He turned, his well-honed instincts prepared for combat. What came at him was...a ball.

“Sorry!” a young boy called to him, jogging forward. “Hey, mister, could you...”

The soldier’s tense muscles relaxed and he bent down to pick up the ball and tossed it to the boy.

“Thanks!” the boy cried, giving him a giant smile before turning and running back to his friends.

The soldier inhaled deeply, satisfactorily. Of all the planets he had been sent to as part of the Corps, of all the civilizations he had helped, of all the being he had saved, this was his greatest pride and joy: that he had made this neighborhood safe for children to play in.

He turned, but before he could go, he was gone.

Chicago, Illinois

The warrior paused in front of the cast iron barred gate, and inhaled deeply as she took in the Victorian mansion in front of her. The building was showing only the slightest signs of neglect, which, if she would have thought about it, was surprising since the tenant spent so little of his time in this house...or on this planet. But she wasn’t thinking about that. No, she was thinking about her planet, which she had been apart from far too long.

She had been stranded here, on this strange planet called Earth, ever since she had inadvertently chased that criminal into what they called the “zeta beam”. After a great deal of effort and time...too much time...she had finally found this man...this one man on this planet that understood zeta beam technology...the one man who could help her get home to her beloved Thanagar.

As the warrior raised her hand to the button that she had learned was meant to alert those inside to the presence of a visitor (strange ritual that...why not just fly to the window?), the device on her belt began to emit a strange noise. The martian had given her that device, for communication, he had said. She ignored it and imagined visions of the beautiful skies of her home as she pressed the button.

A moment later there was a staticky hissing and a voice came over the intercom. “Yes, this is Adam, who’s there...hello...hello?”

But there was no reply. Whoever had been there was now gone.

Central City

A red roadster sped around the street corner and whizzed down the road, tires screeching. A few moments later, a red blur came following along the side of the street. Suddenly, the red blur froze and then began moving backwards, stopping in front of two young woman on the sidewalk.

“Hiiii ladies,” the speedster accosted them. “Nice day, huh? Say, what are you girls doing later...”

There was a scream in the distance and the sound of swerving. The speedster sighed. “Hold that thought...I’ll be back in a minute, I swear.” And he was off.

In a few seconds he was alongside the roadster. “Dude,” he chided the bank robbers inside of it, “you’re really cramping my style.” Then he began circling the car, faster and faster, until he became a red twister around it, lifting it into the air. Then with a heave, the twister propelled the car into a nearby swimming pool.

As the sound of police sirens approached, the speedster stopped for a micro-second and smiled at himself for a job well done. Then he turned to return to his more important business...

But even as fast as he was, before he could move, he was gone.


“You’ve got to be kidding me,” Flash murmured, blinking, after he materialized in the teleporter room. He glanced around, then noted sounds coming from the next room, so he headed through the automatic sliding doors.

“Figures that the fastest man on earth is the last to the party in outer space,” Hawkgirl greeted him dryly.

“Wait, where are we?” Flash’s jaw dropped.

“You are in Watchtower,” a deep voice answered, as the Martian Manhunter phased through a nearby wall into the room. “I am the one who brought you here.”

“Why, Jon?” Superman asked.

“Because there is news that some of your greatest foes have united to form an alliance to take control of the world and destroy you. In order to defeat them, we must also work together, as a team.”

Just then, Flash’s gaze set upon Wonder Woman, and, true to his name, he was by her side in a flash, leaning his elbow on her shoulder. “I’ll team with you any day, babe.”

As if swatting a fly, Diana pushed his arm away. Flash went flying into the wall that Jon had passed through. “I have no desire to join with men,” she replied firmly.

“Sorry Jon, I work alone,” Batman stated, as he was checking a tool on his utility belt.

“And I have no intention of working with an overgrown boy scott, a wingless bat that’s nothing without his toys, a spoiled princess, the substitute Lantern, and a guy who puts his libido over his work and fails at both,” Hawkgirl declared.

“Well, seeing as how I’m only a substitute, I guess there’s no place for me,” Green Lantern replied angrily. Then he turned to Martian Manhunter. “Jon, please send us back.”

The rest piped up sounds of agreement and one-by-one trudged back into the teleporter room. Superman was the last to go, and as he passed by, he put a hand on Jon’s shoulder. “Sorry, friend, it was a good idea, but it looks like its not going to happen.”

Martian Manhunter sighed deeply, then he activated the teleporter and sent them back to their respective locations.

After they were gone, suddenly a particle in the air began to grow, gaining form, until it reached the size of a man. “That didn’t go so well,” Atom remarked.

There was a brief staticky sound, then from the interspacial intercom: “No go, then? Too bad, old chum,” Aquaman’s voice said. “Maybe next time.”

“Well, I have some more experiments to perform. Seeing as how my unique cellular structure is not capable with the teleportation technology, mind giving me a ride back the normal way?” Atom asked. Jon nodded and they headed together to the shuttle bay.

As the shuttle left the satellite, abruptly an alarm began to sound. “Energy signal detected,” an automated voice stated.

A moment later there was a flash of light...followed a falling scream and a loud CRASH.

“Skeets,” Booster Gold grumbled as he pulled himself off the debris of the table his fall had broke...or it could be said, had broken his fall, “When I said to put us in Watchtower of 2012, I meant put us on the floor.”

“Sorry Booster,” the levitating egg-shaped gold robot responded. “My calculations in regard to the rotation were not 100% correct.”

After Booster gained his feet, he surveyed his surroundings with interest. “So this is the legendary Watchtower, huh? I thought it would be...bigger. It always seemed huganimous in the holo-movies.”

“My analysis shows that those movies have a 0.7235% chance of being entirely accurate,” said the robot.

“Eh, no matter. Time to save the world and be a hero.” Booster grinned widely.

“My analysis shows there are 12,705 crimes you could stop or circumvent within the next hour. How would you like me to order them, by degree of difficulty, danger, or number of humans saved?”

Booster’s eyes twinkled. “How about which ones will give me the best publicity and marketing opportunities?”


The Assemblage of Supervillains:

(Have BTSC, choose one player each Night to carry out kill, and once in the entire game, may save one player from the lynch)

Lex Luthor: A mere man, yet he earns the title of Superman’s greatest adversary for his intellect, ambition, and powers of manipulation. Each Night, he may control the actions of one player if he is able to correctly identify their role. Subject to all role restrictions (if he unknowingly breaks one of them, the player’s action will fail and he will be informed it failed). The player he is manipulating is subject to block/redirection. If he manipulates a role that receives information, he receives the information as well. The player he is manipulating is not informed they were manipulated. Cannot manipulate Amazo. If he manipulates the Flash, must specify during the nth Night that he will use the action on the nth Day (and hence no other). He may choose the message targets during the Day.

The Joker: Why so serious? He certainly isn’t...except when it comes to going on a serious crime spree. Each Night, he may dose one player with his laughing gas and steal their vote the following Day (i.e. his vote becomes X2 and theirs X0; if the player dies that Night, he cannot gain).

Gorilla Grodd: A hyper-intelligent ape that uses his telepathic abilities to see one player’s target OR use his brute apish strength to prevent one player from acting each Night.

Sinestro: A former Green Lantern corrupted by the Yellow power of Fear. May use his yellow power ring to mimic the powers (role abilities) of any one dead Supervillain each Night. (If there are no dead Supervillains, does not act).

The Independent:

Amazo/Professor Ivo’s Android: An innovation creation by the late Professor that can replicate the abilities of the beings it comes in contact with. Each Night, it may choose one player to learn their role and abilities. On the nth Night, it may also use n/2 (rounded down) of the abilities it has learned. Not subject to any role restrictions, except Lex’s RID manipulate. If he replicates Superman, he gains his invulnerability and susceptibility to krytonite. Will only replicate Villain Night kill ability if he replicates the one chosen to carry out the kill for the Night. If he replicates Sinestro, will only replicate the ability Sinestro is using for that Night, if he is using one. Invincible for first Night and Day.

The Justice League:

Superman/Clark Kent: Somebody save me...well, that’s what he’s here for. Each Night, may choose one player to save. Cannot save himself and cannot be saved. Due to his Kryptonian physiology, he cannot be killed at Night without the aid of kryptonite. However, since studies have linked prolonged exposure to kryptonite to cancer, no one carries it around with them, hence an attacker must return to their secret HQ to retrieve it, and cannot perform any other Night action in addition to the kill. Use of kryptonite must be specified with the kill, and cannot be used two Nights in a row.

Batman/Bruce Wayne: The only JL member without superpowers, he is arguably the strongest due to his intelligence, discipline, and inner strength. Each Night, he may submit an ordered list (1-4) of four players and four roles. He will learn how many of the players are correctly matched with their roles and how many players have roles that on that list but not matched with them (does not learn which ones). This action cannot be blocked, manipulated, or redirected.

Wonder Woman/Diana: Themysciran Princess with power second to no man. Each Night, may use her lasso of truth on any player to ask them one TRUE/FALSE question (PM’s question to host and host will answer TRUE/FALSE, the player themselves is not informed they were acted on; the question must be one the player would know the answer to).

Flash/Wally West: Fastest man on earth...and, as Hawkgirl likes to point out...single. Uses his super-speed to ferry messages b/w roles. Each Day he may choose two roles, one to send, one to receive and the next Night the sender will be informed they may send a message and to which role. The receiver will not be informed of the sender’s role. As it is a Day action, it cannot be blocked or redirected, but can be manipulated.

Green Lantern/John Stewart: Using his power ring as an extension of his will, he may choose to do one of the following actions each Night, not the same two Nights in a row: save, block, redirect. Cannot die as long as Hawkgirl is alive. If Hawkgirl dies, also gains the option to kill.

Hawkgirl/Shayera Hol: Her tongue being the only thing sharper than the spikes on her Nth metal mace, this Thanagarian dynamo may target one player any Night to kill, but may not act two nights in a row. Knows the identity of Green Lantern. Is revealed when she dies.

Martian Manhunter/John Jones: Sole survivor of his species, he may use his telepathic abilities to delve into one player’s mind each Night and learn their target.

Aquaman/Arthur Curry: King of Atlantis and protector of the oceans, through his telepathic connection to various sea creatures, he may choose one player to watch and learn what players acted on them each Night.

Atom/Dr. Ray Palmer: Brilliant scientist who can shrink himself to the size of an atom and tweak forces on a molecular level to redirect one player’s actions each Night. Cannot target the same player two Nights in a row.

Booster Gold/Michael Jon Carter: A hero *cough* from the 25th century, he may choose to occupy one player each Night by pitching his merchandising ideas to them, preventing them from acting. The player will stop taking his calls for a while (i.e. cannot target the same player two Nights in a row).

Miscellaneous rules:

Things that will appear in Night Post: Kills, successful saves, blocks. Kryptonite use will not be shown. Block on block will result in a canceling out of actions and will not be shown (observing roles will also not see anything happening). Everything else in the Night/Day Post is subject to creative license ;P.

Redirect loops will be terminated on the first return, i.e. if A redirects a block to A, will show in the Night Post as A being blocked; if A redirects B’s redirect to A it will effectively block B’s redirect and nothing else will happen. Only the initial redirect target and action will be seen by observing roles, i.e. they will see A acted on B, but not B acted on A.

All actions are considered to be initiated at Night and ‘go through’ during the transition b/w Night and Day, so a player’s action will occur unless blocked or manipulated.

In the event of a tie: if the tie is due to use of the Joker’s ability, no one dies. Otherwise, all tied players die and the last player(s) to add/remove/change their vote to create the tie dies.

Please address your questions to the host in purple. Thanks!

BrainIAC: Y-san


1) Hirkala

2) marquessa

3) curr3nt

4) Molly Mae

5) Yodell

6) TheChad

7) Panther

8) Framm

9) MikeD

10) nana77

11) TwoaDay

12) jay

13) Flamebirde

14) Aura

15) benjer3

Roles will be out soon! :D

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Okay , I'm here.. and sailing all alone I might add, no one seems to be aware that the game has started...

On that subject : when will the night/day cycles change.. and more to the point.. when will the first night be over ??

PS. @our host : I don't get how u distinguish purple among black more then any other color, brighter, like blue or red ...

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On a more artistic note *trying to get on our host's good side* : I loved your introduction .....I really felt transposed to those childhood moments, when waiting impatiently in front of my tv set for the commercials to be over and the Justice League episode to begin...

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Okay , I'm here.. and sailing all alone I might add, no one seems to be aware that the game has started...

On that subject : when will the night/day cycles change.. and more to the point.. when will the first night be over ??

PS. @our host : I don't get how u distinguish purple among black more then any other color, brighter, like blue or red ...

Waiting for confirmations, but let's say Friday 8/10 at 10:00 PM central tim.

Well, if I were a normal person, I'd point out that purple is a combination or in the middle of of blue and red, so how can they both be brighter? :P

As a scientist, though, I'd rather go into a 5-page long lecture about the mathematical definition of "brightness", complete with calculus derivation, but I'll refrain...for now ;P

On a more artistic note *trying to get on our host's good side* : I loved your introduction .....I really felt transposed to those childhood moments, when waiting impatiently in front of my tv set for the commercials to be over and the Justice League episode to begin...

Thanks, but I was actually going for a more adult kind of feel, really trying to express the motivations behind each of the characters and whatnot...the backstories are so good ^_^ .

I'm here and ready to start! Hmm, I'll spread the word on MM cos some people might have forgotten.

Woohoo! First game back on BrainDen!

Thanks, and you could also mention that back-ups are still open ;)...I have a feeling I might need one or two...*whistling*

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Nietzsche makes me think more of Batman than Superman...pushing yourself to live every day as the best you can be, to your limit, to give your life meaning...definitely Batman ;P

To reiterate:

Night 1 ends Friday 8/10 at 10PM central time!

Edited by Yoruichi-san
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Nietzsche makes me think more of Batman than Superman...pushing yourself to live every day as the best you can be, to your limit, to give your life meaning...definitely Batman ;P

To reiterate:

Night 1 ends Friday 8/10 at 10PM central time!

Although Nietzsche talks of the Uber man, which is translated into Superman.

I actually have an Uberman t-shirt compliments of an ex-girlfriend.

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Lol this is the fewest number of questions I've ever had in a game (or maybe it was just Bb throwing off my baseline before :P)...must be that I explained everything so well in the OP...which everyone has read thoroughly *whistling*...particularly the part about ties ^_^

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