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  1. Framm is Joker or Amazo Hirk is Grodd or Amazo Either Yodell is Joker OR Panther is Grodd If we lynch Framm instead of NK, it might help. Or we just kill one, lynch another and if the game continues, kill the 3rd.
  2. Good point, Nana. My expert opinion is Nana is too suspicious to NK but not suspicious enough to goodie kill. Is that better?
  3. *headbang* So maybe Hirk is joker, and panther is Grodd.
  4. @nana - yeah *palm* I realised that after. Anyhow, now you are proved good two ways.
  5. Oops, chad was Sinestro not joker. Let me start again. *facepalm* Okay, next set of results: none correct, 1 swapped: Nana - Grodd Chad - joker Benjer - Sinestro Curr3nt - lex Obv the correct match is TheChad = Sinestro so that clears Nana, curr3nt and Benjer. Since nana is good, that makes Hirk = Grodd as per first set of results I posted.
  6. Currently the most logical answer stands at Mm - lex Chad - joker Hirk - Grodd Yodell - Sinestro Framm - Amazo with the minisculely minute chance that nana is Grodd and Marq is Sinestro. And the bigger, but still negligible, chance that I screwed up the results that this is based on. However, I'm coming to the same conclusion mike did so I think we are working from the same set of basic premises.
  7. Yodell - Grodd Marq - lex TwoaDay - joker Panther - Sinestro All incorrect, one is correct if swapped. I can clear Marq and TwoAday, so: Yodell is not Grodd Panther is not Sinestro Either: Yodell is Sinestro OR Panther is Grodd If Panther is Grodd, Framm is Amazo and Hirk or Nana are Grodd - see? Doesn't work. If Yodell is Sinestro, either Framm or Hirk are Amazo and either Nana or Hirk are Grodd. Sorry Yodell, you're back in the mix. Will report back with 3rd results in 10 mins. The only way Yodell can be innocent is if: A) I misread the results OR B) Marquessa was Sinestro or my logic is flawed.
  8. Okay: none of these are correct but 3 are correct if swapped around so: Nana - Amazo Hirk - Lex Luthor Framm - Grodd Molly Mae - joker We already know Molly was lex and chad was joker. So, 2 of these statements are correct and one is false: Hirk is Amazo or Grodd Framm is Amazo Nana is Grodd @yodell - sorry, I may have spoken too soon. I was going on what others had said. Youre a bit less bad to me now. The last baddie has to be either Panther, Nana or Yodell. I need clarity on n1 and n2 results - can we get a repeat in the same way you did n3, cos all the extra letters confused my little pea brain.
  9. @mikeD - Okay, fine. I was suggesting hawkgirl kill Yodell but I guess it makes sense to kill Framm and if the game is still going, we lynch Yodell. Thing is, if the last baddie is yodell or twoaday, then Yodell is definitely the baddie. Plus, she's been acting weird the whole game. I hope you're right about Framm cos I haven't reviewed the evidence on him. Meh, I'm lazy.
  10. If Atom redirected someone to the NK target, they could speak up. Otherwise we can assume that all baddie NK targets were good/Indy, and that presumably means Molly, Framm, Chad + one more are bad, and Hirk for Indy or swapped with one baddie. MikeD - what's the deal with yodell? Is she likely bad?
  11. Oh, do we have two saves? Then MikeD AND TwoaDay need a save. Don't bother saving me, just don't forget what I've said once I'm dead.
  12. Lol, Yodell, you have me all wrong. I am not wonder woman, at all. Maybe you need to spend more time reading the game thread and less in your baddie BTSC. @all - MikeD and TwoaDay are definitely good - no doubt - and I would suggest Hawkgirl knows who to kill tonight as his innocence tells him that. MikeD or TwoaDay should definitely be saved, although baddies would be crazy to kill TwoaDay as he's the only one who can take the suspicion off them.
  13. Why is BD so wonky at the moment? I guess you've all worked it out but MikeD is my "definite goodie". @mikeD - I'll check the logic later when I get home but I guess we're good for today. *woohoo* If you inspect the "code" you'll see neither my name or role is included as I'd already IDed myself. I vote MollyMae
  14. @c3 - good, because I can definitively clear one person from Nana's and TwoaDay's list.
  15. Sorry, I'm late! I vote TheChad cos it seems like you all have it worked out.
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