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  1. Telephone

  2. Justice League UNLEASHED

    I think I posted something to the effect "I know Jack" yeah...Jack Napier, the Joker
  3. Telephone

    1. 2. Panther 3. Thal (I'm going to regret this, aren't I? ) 4. MikeD 5. Marq 6. Slick
  4. Justice League UNLEASHED

    Well we DO kinda need to know THAT dont we if we wanna survive....lol
  5. Justice League UNLEASHED

    I concur with Aura....it IS unfortunate that sometimes the price we pay for so many voting for someone is a lynched Goodie....but conversely if said lynchee is a Goodie it behooves them to speak up and try to convince us. In other words, GETTING THEM TO TALK.....muy muy importante!!
  6. Justice League UNLEASHED

    Hirk is without internet tonight....so he cant defend as we couldnt speak on the game directly....but are friends IRL and he texted me to let me know to inform all nd lynching a person who CANT defend themselves doesnt seem very sporting to me
  7. Justice League UNLEASHED

    IDK....nd Curr....no defense?
  8. Justice League UNLEASHED

    For some reason my mobile wont allow me to colorize my choice...could some one add my vote for Curr...he hasnt really said much and seems a likely target...thanks
  9. Justice League UNLEASHED

    HEY...I've talked! Nd I know Jack
  10. Justice League UNLEASHED

    Ok ...Let the super battle begin!!!! HAHAHAHAHA
  11. Justice League UNLEASHED Sign-ups

    I am still here...
  12. Justice League UNLEASHED Sign-ups

    Don't think that will be a problem LJ....
  13. Justice League UNLEASHED Sign-ups

    Please add me to the roster...I tried from my phone and got some crazy script