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Night 4

Boughs of fog rolled in from the dewy sea. A lone figure sat on the dock, humming an odd tune.

Suddenly a shadow appeared, a dark entity projected onto the mists. It loomed over the hummer.

“Yodell,” said a steady, somber voice. “I’ve found you.”

The silhouette came forward, and two glowing green eyes pierced through the fog.

“Oh, it’s you, Lantern,” Yodell said, continuing to hum under his breath. “What can I do for you?”

“Nothing,” Green Lantern replied. “Just that: nothing. I have come to put an end to your evil ways.”

Yodell shrugged. “I think you’re confused, old chum.”

But Lantern was not having it. He manifested a giant green fist with his power ring and swung it at Yodell, who jumped away just in time.

“If you insist...”



Booster strolled down the street, waiting impatiently for Skeets to tally their profits.

“$204,572 from that last deal, Booster,” the robot finally said.

“Pff...that’s not even enough to buy a decent hover-car,” Booster lamented. “We’ve got to go bigger! I mean...seriously, who cares about teaming up with Elastic Man? No, what we need is something more, like...”

Just then Panther came flying around the side of tall brick building, face set fiercely, zoning in on the intended target.

“...Like that,” Booster grinned. “Come on Skeets, we’ve got ourselves a deal to catch.”



Hawkgirl and Flash stood their ground, facing their golden android adversary. “Give up now and we’ll go easy on you,” Flash declared.

The android’s impassive eyes stared at her, and then it’s face shifted into a replication of what the humans called “a smile”.

Hawkgirl shrugged. “Or not...” She raised her electrified nth metal mace. “I’m fine with doing it this way...” And she swung the mace...

...at the Flash. Taken by surprise, the red speedster barely managed to dodge.

“Hey, what are you doing?”

“I can’t...control...it...” Hawkgirl muttered through gritted teeth as she struggled.

Amazo looked on with its inhuman eyes. The ability it had learned from Lex Luthor was appearing to quite useful.

Flash dodged another attack...and another...and another. This is useless, he realized, glancing at Amazo. Maybe if I take the android down...

He rushed at Amazo, readying his fist into a vibrating weapon, and thrust a lightning fast blow at the android...

...which missed as Amazo moved itself out of the way just as quickly. It’s unfeeling glare challenged the Flash with his own ability.

“Uh oh...” Wally murmured.


As it finished the information from the various satellites it had hijacked, the three glowing circles on the Brain Inter-Active Construct’s pulsed and then went dim.

It had seen enough. It was time to finish this.

It turned to activate the device, the electromagnetic disruptor ray which would destroy Earth’s magnetic fields and put into motion the irreversible changes that would first overturn the planet’s ecosystem, followed by its climate, and finally, the motions of the tectonic plates which would eventually cause the planet to collapse into itself. This tool which had been the annihilator of so many alien civilization would now be Earth’s.

“Stop!” A voice cried, as a hole of blinding light seemed to rip through the fabric time and space. Through it stepped a being in a golden helmet and golden cape.

Unflinching, the Brain Inter-Active Construct’s eyes glowed and shot out twin lasers at the intruder. The being shimmered out of space-time and back in a few feet and a few milliseconds away.

“I can’t let you do this, BrainIAC,” said the interloper. “It is not the fate of this planet and the heroes on it to end here.”

The sentient super-computer paused to process this new information and this new helmeted variable. A few seconds later, it responded. “Very well, it seems there may be more to learn yet. I will allow this planet to remain as it is...for now.”

The other super-being nodded and waved his hand, reviving the feed from the satellites. “Let us watch how this plays out.”


“You’ll have to do better than that, friend,” Aquaman said as he dodged the Lantern Corp soldier’s enormous green hammer by diving into the water.

Green Lantern scowled and shifted his manifestation into a giant sieve, dipping it into the water and fishing the fish king out. “How’s that?”

“Not bad,” the fish man responded, “But what are you going to do about that?”

As he spoke, a dolphin jumped out of the water and rammed into Green Lantern, knocking him back.

Taking only a moment to regain his balance, the soldier prepared to counter-attack...

“Aaahhhgggg...” Suddenly he fell to his knees, clutching his head.

The king of Atlantis dropped into the water, doing the same.


“I said, LEAVE ME ALONE!!!” snarled Wonder Woman, attempting to shake Booster off her tail.

But the entrepreneur was persistent in his pursuit of profit. “C’mon...I watched holo-toons about you when I was growing up, but you’re even prettier in live action! We’d be so good together...think of the marketing possibilities...’Beauty and the Booster’...’The Once and Future Hero and Queen’...”

“The Princess and the Pea-brain?” A voice interjected as a green wall appeared in front of them, halting their chase.

Behind it levitated Nanatern, who was also using his ability to levitate Yodaquaman.

“What are you two doing here?” Princess Panther asked.

“Benjon communicated to us with his Martian mind trick and showed us the error of our ways,” Nanatern replied. “We shouldn’t be fighting each other. Flash and Hawkgirl are in trouble.”

The princess glanced at Boojay with disdain and let out a deep, deep sigh. “Fine...”


Panting, Flash Flash Auralution moved out of the way of his own attack from the left as Hawkgirl’s mace came from the right. He managed to avoid the strike, but it wasn’t a clean dodge, as a gash in the chest of his suit testified to. He winced in pain and felt blood trickle down from the wound. He wasn’t sure how much more he could take of this...

“Need some help?” A green force field appeared around him just in time to deflect another lightning fast attack from the android.

The android prepared to launch another attack, but it was knocked off its feet by a geyser of water, courtesy of Aquaman.

Twoahawk screamed, dropped her mace, and crumpled to her knees, clutching her head. A moment later, Martian Manhunter phased in next to her and put his ‘hands’ on her temples. The tension in her face melted and a serene look flowed over her.

Wonder Woman rushed at Amazo, landing a blow at full force which knocked the android into the side of a building, crashing through it and bringing an avalanche of debris down on it.

“That creature is no stronger than a man,” the princess sniffed. She caught the other heroes smiling at her and then added grudgingly, “Well, perhaps not all men are so weak...”

Suddenly, a golden blur exploded up from the pile of rubble and then crashed down onto the pavement, sending out a shockwave which knocked them all back and left a crater on the ground.

From the android’s throat came a replication of the laugh it had learned from the fallen villains. “Thank you,” it said in replicated tone of smugness. “This saves me the time of finding each one of you myself. Now I have learned all of your strengths.”

Immediately, Amazo manifested a green cage around Hawkgirl, shot a geyser of water at Flash, suspended Green Lantern into the air with a red tornado, formed one arm into a mace which it smashed into Aquaman, formed the other arm into a lasso which it ensnared the Martian with, and flooded Wonder Woman’s mind with a paralyzing wave of pain.

“You are all now no match for my powers.” The android stated matter-of-factly. “I have all of your strengths.”

An immense winged shadow appeared from behind the android. Amazo turned its head to an impossible angle and saw a dark figure behind it.

“You may have replicated their strengths,” a low, hoarse voice spoke. Suddenly, there was a spark, then a flicker. “But...” The figure emerged into the light of the street lamps, revealing himself to be Batman, holding a lit match. “...you have also replicated their weaknesses.”

The android tilted its head, uncomprehending.

The Dark Mike turned his head and cried “Now, Booster!”

From the side, the 25th century “hero” appeared with his robot. A hole opened up in Skeet’s front panel and orangish liquid squirted out onto the android. Batman tossed the match at it, and Amazo burst into a blazing ball.

“NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!” The android cried as the Martian’s crippling fear of fire overwhelmed his systems. Its limbs jerked around as it struggled in vain to put out the 25th century chemical enhanced flames. It catapultedinto a building, then into the ground, growing more frantic and hotter by the moment. Finally, it let out one final agonizing scream and shot into the air like a rocket.

A moment or a minute or an eternity later, who knew, the shooting star exploded in the sky like the most beautiful firework the heroes had ever seen.

The group, dirty, scratched, but not all that much the worse for wear, gathered together to watch the colorful show of lights. Then they turned towards each other, their eyes attesting to their unspoken comradery. Maybe this team thing wasn’t so bad after all...

“Aw...are we too late to join the party?” A man in a robin hood costume appeared behind them, followed by a pretty blonde woman wearing a black jacket with a black choker around her neck and an attractive brunette in a tailcoat and top hat.

The members of the newly formed team shared a look and a long moment of silence. Then the Flash flashed between the two females, taking one in each arm with a huge grin. “The more the merrier.”

Hawkgirl rolled her eyes but couldn’t keep the corner of her mouth from lifting up. The rest of also broke out in smiles as well.

“Welcome to the Justice League.”


...or is it???

BrainIAC: Y-san


1) Hirkala -Gorilla Grodd

2) marquessa - The Joker

3) curr3nt - Atom

4) Molly Mae - Lex Luthor

5) Yodell - Aquaman

6) TheChad - Sinestro

7) Panther - Wonder Woman

8) Framm - Amazo

9) MikeD - Batman

10) nana77 - Green Lantern

11) TwoaDay - Hawkgirl

12) jay - Booster Gold

13) Flamebirde - Superman

14) Aura - Flash

15) benjer3 - Martian Manhunter

Here are the Night and Day actions, I will update them in this post as they occur:

1) Hirkala -Gorilla Grodd - Block Nana

2) marquessa - The Joker - Dose Aura

3) curr3nt - Atom - Redirect Aura to Aura

4) Molly Mae - Lex Luthor - manipulate MikeD as Hawkgirl to kill Framm

5) Yodell - Aquaman - Observe curr3nt

6) TheChad - Sinestro - Night kill on Flamebirde with kryptonite

7) Panther - Wonder Woman - Ask Nana: "Are you part of the Justice League?"

8) Framm - Amazo - Copy Molly Mae

9) MikeD - Batman -

10) nana77 - Green Lantern - Block Marq

11) TwoaDay - Hawkgirl - no action

12) jay - Booster Gold - inactive

13) Flamebirde - Superman - no action

14) Aura - Flash - N/A

15) benjer3 - Martian Manhunter - Follow Nana

Notes: Well, as Nana wished, Superman is now dead:P. Amazo now has the RID manipulate...this is going to great :D

Aura (Flash) decides to send a message from herself to Batman

Villains use lynch save to save Hirk.

1) Hirkala -Gorilla Grodd - Block Framm

2) marquessa - The Joker - Dose Framm, Night kill on Nana

3) curr3nt - Atom - Redirect Marq to Marq

4) Molly Mae - Lex Luthor - manipulate curr3nt as Flash

5) Yodell - Aquaman - Observe TheChad

6) TheChad - Sinestro - N/A

7) Panther - Wonder Woman - Ask Hirkala: "Are you part of the Justice League?"

8) Framm - Amazo - Copy Twoaday

9) MikeD - Batman -

10) nana77 - Green Lantern - Redirect benjer to benjer

11) TwoaDay - Hawkgirl - kill Hirkala

12) jay - Booster Gold - inactive

13) Flamebirde - Superman

14) Aura - Flash - N/A

15) benjer3 - Martian Manhunter - Follow Hirkala

;) smiley. (Hope that's not too suspicious looking, :P )

First, I'm Aura = Flash and I'm trying to set up a way you can broadcast your results to me. I may give this code to other goodies, too. In the first post you post after the NP, please ID yourself to me by putting a

All players are identified by the first letter of their name except

Molly = L , TwoaDay = A, MikeD = D

Roles are E - Lex Luthor

P - Joker

T - Sinestro

R - Gorilla Grodd

H - Amazo

C - Superman

N - Wonderwoman

M - Green Lantern

O - Hawkgirl

S - Martian Manhunter

B - Aquaman

I - Atom

W - Booster Gold

Number correct/correct but wrong position:

0 - :(

1 - :/

2 - :P

3 - :)

4 - :D

If both #s are same, (eg - 0 totally correct, 0 correct but wrong position) then just use one smiley.

So let's say I tried

Nana as superman

Benjer as Martian

Curr3nt as Atom

Yodell as Sinestro

And I got a result of 1 correct and 1 correct role but wrong position, I would formulate this to put in the game thread:

N C B S C I Y T :/

Which I could turn into

":hm: Niiiiice... Could be suspicious, could interrupt your thoughts... :/ "

Obviously that looks crazy and people will probably ask wtf you're on about but it gets the message across, and it will help us work out who's who, in combination with the info other people are getting. Even a zero result is useful so try to give as much as you can. You could even just post the letters without the words attached. I mean, it's already an obvious code. It's up to you. *shrug*

If you get a result where one is correct, let's say Benjer is Martian, you can put that one at the beginning, so BSNCCIYT. Basically, just put the more likely ones at the beginning. If you want to say that "so and so is probably X role", (or hinting at being x role) rather than or in addition to giving your guesses, you can use the same code but identify it with a ;) for a "definite" or a Hmm, for "maybe". If you need to add mire words to make the sentence make sense, just put a comma or a full stop or something and I'll ignore whatever is after it. You can also intersperse words that don't begin with any of the said letters, if needed.

If by chance I choose you to send a message to someone else, please pass on the code and my identity to the person you message, and ask them to ID themselves to us.

Notes: Benjer chose to observe Hirk, but he's going to end up observing himself as he was redirected to self so he's going to see his target visiting himself. Originally Marq was going to attack GL and it would have failed, but she was redirected to self is going to kill herself. This would have been a perfect night for Aquaman to watch Hirk, since he's obviously going to be target of many an action, but he didn't :-(. I was excited that Framm was going to get Hawkgirl's kill [insert devil smiley], but then he was blocked :\.

Flash chooses to deliver a message from Hawkgirl to Atom.

1) Hirkala -Gorilla Grodd

2) marquessa - The Joker

3) curr3nt - Atom - Redirect Yodell to Yodell

4) Molly Mae - Lex Luthor - manipulate curr3nt as GL to save MM

5) Yodell - Aquaman - Observe curr3nt

6) TheChad - Sinestro

7) Panther - Wonder Woman - Ask curr3nt: "Are you part of the Justice League?"

8) Framm - Amazo - Copy Aura

9) MikeD - Batman -

10) nana77 - Green Lantern - Save Panther

11) TwoaDay - Hawkgirl - none

12) jay - Booster Gold - inactive

13) Flamebirde - Superman

14) Aura - Flash - N/A

15) benjer3 - Martian Manhunter - Follow jay

Notes: Yodell chose to observe curr3nt but was redirected by curr3nt to himself so he'll see that his target was acted on by curr3nt, but curr3nt was killed by Lex...lol

Amazo now has Flash's ability. I'm interested to see what he's going to do with it.

Thanks all for playing. Really bad luck and bad timing (in terms of RL stuff) for the Villains, ridiculously good luck for the Justice League. This is the most one-sided luck I've seen since ABR1, where the heroes lost every single coin toss (no, I'm not exaggerating...every...single...coin toss).

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I enjoyed all of your dp/np, very nice!

The baddies did have luck on n1 killing Superman, I never would have guessed that one. But losing 2 on n2 and then another d2, wow.

I thought Marq and Panther had hinted at being Hawkgirl on d1, and it turned out to be Twoaday.

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