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The Unsolvable Riddle



This riddle cannot be solved, do not even try,

No matter how hard you look, all you will get is dry eye.

Taking the 1st, 2nd...nth letters of the lines will not suffice,

And, for once, there will be no mention of my favorite vice.

Do not attempt to seek hidden meaning in the words I say,

The words and meaning that you see are as plain as day.

Do not search for relations as there are none to be found,

And by the rules of no game, am I hereby bound.

Really, truly, no solution will there be by my end,

For I am one for whom tradition must and will bend.


Who am I?

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In accordance with the first rule of this puzzle, I am ready now to declare that this post is NOT an attempt to solve it. Although it may LOOK like a guess, it is not. If it were, it might be worth someone's time and effort to be reading it. But it's not, and there really is no justification for the 8 or 9 seconds anyone has invested, and possibly 4 or 5 additional seconds a misguided soul might further invest. But because any self-respecting post really ought to have embedded within it a spoiler to hide something, even the true non-attempt to solve this puzzle that this post is ... Well then ... here's mine:

I expect full and appropriate credit for the crackling insight evident therein. :)

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In accordance with the first rule of this puzzle, I am ready now to declare that this post is NOT an attempt to solve it.


No, the rule is not to try to solve the riddle...it really is unsolvable ^_^

The puzzle, on the other hand...;P

I'll be sure credit is given where credit is due ;)

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I'm not a solution...

if I'm a precipitate

Haha...good one :D.

I'm rusty and out of practice but

a koan?

why one-star a riddle that's only a day old and hasn't been solved yet? Is this a repeat from somewhere else? Even if the answer is not to one's liking, it's well written and provokes thought. The negative rating seems premature and a little bit mean.

Honestly, I have no idea what that is...but no...that's it. When you have answer to the puzzle, it will not be followed by a question mark ;)...

And thanks for the comment. Sometimes people jump to conclusions, and my sense of humor can be taken the wrong way...particularly in a forum format where they can't see my Cheshire cat who ate the canary grin ;P.

"There's more to heaven and earth...

...and Y-san's puzzles...

...than dreamt of in your philosophy"

I've got it! it's...



Lol...definitely ;P. And Y-san lives outside the box...


Nope, line 4 refers to it not being one, for once ;)

Seriously, though...the first rule is the first rule...stop trying to solve the riddle...the riddle is unsolvable! :)

To those sphinx rights activists who would on me levy fines,

Sometimes there's more than meets the eye ;P

Perhaps first, you should learn to read between the lines.

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I have a better guess

Shrodinger's demon cat (which means your final 49.1 should have probably been a 49.2)

You're missing the 3.1...but otherwise...DingDing for DD! Well done :D.

And shhhh...if they can't see the typo...it doesn't exist, right? ;P

Props to Aaryan for being the first to see past the red herring/series of hints/reference material that was the riddle.

Props to bon-chan for a cleverly crafted clue ;P.

Okay...and 3XO too...admittedly line 5 creates a bit of a paradox...

And of course, props to DD for sticking to it and solving the entirely self-contained and solvable puzzle that was hidden within the unsolvable riddle! Thank you all for playing! ;)

Edited by Yoruichi-san
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the highlight of this puzzle is simply to select to reply to the OP


Lol...nice pun ;P.

To find the real highlight of the puzzle, highlight.

Aha ok some hidden numbers .. ?

You can try it with all my posts in this thread...

Yes, the riddle, as stated is unsolvable. The puzzle, (which is hinted at at multiple points in the riddle), on the other hand...

Edited by Yoruichi-san
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