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The Unsolvable Riddle



This riddle cannot be solved, do not even try,

No matter how hard you look, all you will get is dry eye.

Taking the 1st, 2nd...nth letters of the lines will not suffice,

And, for once, there will be no mention of my favorite vice.

Do not attempt to seek hidden meaning in the words I say,

The words and meaning that you see are as plain as day.

Do not search for relations as there are none to be found,

And by the rules of no game, am I hereby bound.

Really, truly, no solution will there be by my end,

For I am one for whom tradition must and will bend.


Who am I?

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Sometimes people jump to conclusions, and my sense of humor can be taken the wrong way...particularly in a forum format where they can't see my Cheshire cat who ate the canary grin ;P.

"There's more to heaven and earth...

...and Y-san's puzzles...

...than dreamt of in your philosophy"

YESSS SHAKESPEARE! (and white text ftw)

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Nice one. Just solved it:

SCHRODINGER’S DEMON CAA - I'm assuming you meant CAT

By the way, if you read between these lines,

(23.6, 3.5, 47.2, 71.1, 82.2, 88.1, 107.1)

A compliment you will find.

Thanks. I have to warn you, though, I'm not particularly good at taking compliments...(think Chopper in One Piece ;))

If you are intrigued by my crazeativity, you might want to follow along with the series which I have just begun. It's going to be my main focus for probably a while :).

"All the world's a stage...

...of a game...

...and we are all players."

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