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  1. And the 9999 is prolly an obviously wrong answer ?
  2. That will be correct, right ?
  3. Very funny ... i'm affraid i'm unable to follow nonetheless. But the humour is really supreme, do you do standup ?
  4. This has been solved already ? In a private cirle ?
  5. "Broken neck from hanging" is this a fact ? Meaning the murderer did what, force the lawyer to hang himself ? Could it just be a broken neck before hanging ? You don't just enter a man's office and hang them like you would say shoot them, do you now ?
  6. How come private Benson is only mentioned at the end ? Who is he ? I'm not sure if regular police in any country use the rank private (or captain for that matter), is this military police ?
  7. Well your solution is correct, i'm pretty sure. Still having probs decoding your decode So you take 2 lines for 1 letter ? Unless its a jump or hold ? And how do you enter the arrows into the web form ? Would love to see it work. And great job!
  8. What is a hold and what a jump ? Where do you get 16 symbols from the arrows ?
  9. The box wasnt broken, friend. They just did it to demonstrate the solution, which i do belive is the fastest. Obviously you cant have anything dropping down or flying ants.
  10. Ok there's nothing falling down, right ? They're both inside the box and the honey isnt moving, the ant is. Can someone please explain how would the movement go with your 40inch path ? I simply dont get it. May be ok mathemathically (altho i dont see where you get 6+12+6 nor 1+30+1) but can you elaborate on the actual movement? Again floor and ceiling in the same path sorta dont make sence, it would be either one or the other from my p.o.v.
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