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"A no-holds-barred, pull-out-all-the-stops, breathless tangle of thriller..........................A new year at Hogwarts."

A new year at Hogwarts.....................After a weary journey through the "Hogwarts Express", all the students found themselves in the main dining hall, where in front of them, in the middle of the long teachers' table, sat Albus Dumbledore , smiling to see the children back at Hogwarts. Many innocent people (stone) among a few vicious ones. Malfoy gave a disgusted look at Harry, who was busy talking with Hermione and was soon joined by a boy. With that red hair, it was not difficult to identify Ron.

There, in the crowd, stood Ginny, a little nervous but more calm and contented. And among them, stood Colin, happy as ever..............


Nobody knew that among the happy and merry environment of Hogwarts, there existed a "Chamber of Secrets", where Riddle waited, planning viciously and smiling. Another side, Basilik was ready for the night adventures.............


Though some students were new to Hogwarts, they knew of the adventures of last year. They all knew, one mistake and a great damage would ensue.............

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My calendar says Monday... probably a good thing I'm not playing.

Just writing enough to say that I can be moved to backup and I'm somewhat paying attention and shutting up now before anything actually happens.


Also, you forgot the roster and roles. Might want to get them posted while they will still be on page 1.

---edit 2---

Hopefully others will refrain from posting until you do so.

---edit 3---

I know I tend to keep going back to the role list during the game and having to hunt for it would be annoying.

---edit 4---

Maybe as annoying as all these edits. I am not good at actually shutting up...

---edit 5---

Someone once told me I was funny and I believed them...big mistake on their part.

---edit 6---

putting these in spoiler because they were really unnessesary.

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Goodies: Wincon=eliminate baddies

Harry--RID kill (kill only if he correctly IDs the target's role)


Hermione--role spy

Dumbledore--can't be lynched

Colin--follow spy (sees target of action only)

4 other people who get turned to stone--vanilla

Baddies: Wincon=majority, BTSC and NK

Basilisk--NK carrier, block


Ginny--even days her vote matches Riddle's (secretly), odd nights action spy (doesn't see target, but sees action (kill, spy, block, redirect))


13 players

RID kill>>block>>NK>>redirect>>spy (who will know that they were redirected, but not to whom)

After Riddle dies, Ginny has no even cycle action

Once Basilisk dies, Baddies choose NK carrier

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...and off to the side stood percy making out with penelope ravenclaw.

I love how somewhat random the relationships are in the books. not the main character ones, but bill first fleur in book 4, and then they get married! :P

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No, she's not. Emily, it's nice to meet you, but you've stumbled into the midst of an ongoing game that doesn't really accept additions. I hope you understand.

Not really - that's a bot advertising for the link. Check her other posts here. In any case, Rookie will make her disappear.

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