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  1. oops... I miscounted squares
  2. Likely. Rubik is the clue I think you missed.
  3. So 10% earn between 1 to 9 (assuming integer values). I don't see anything that says those 10% can't all be making $9 or all making $1 or any mix between.
  4. Either type (spoiler="title text here")Text you want hidden(/spoiler) using square brackets instead. Or if you click the "More Reply Options" you will get a tool bar that has a blue square with a S. A "window" will appear with a drop down for BBCode. Select spoiler.
  5. Have the sergeant summoned in to report on the sortie after the exclusion comment? I believe that should work.
  6. I'm laughing. You can find the mods from "The Moderating Team" link on the front page. http://brainden.com/forum/index.php?app=forums&module=extras&section=stats&do=leaders It lists the following: bonanova - Mod PSTech - Site Admin plainglazed - Mod rookie1ja - Site Admin superprismatic - Mod I'm curious to learn how long it takes google to forget about you.
  7. Oh...so not a military column but using an actual column count with row count. That clears up a bit
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