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  1. peace*out

    Oh well. i like to fly. Im going to africa next year so if you fly a public airline, and say That captain taliesin is at you service, i could go up and say hi im peace*out. probobly not but that would be cool!!!!!!!!
  2. Whoever started it, it's a great idea!!! keep doing more bonanova!!!
  3. ok, i just didnt want there to be fighting..... thanks for clearing it up Prince Marth85!!
  4. I think that there must be many braindenners out there with questions about this site. i know i have a couple. 1) How can you make a poll in a topic??? 2) how can you decide what section ( new puzzles, jokes) to put your topic in aka how do you find the choices. That's just me. Everyone should be able to ask and answer questions in my oppinion......
  5. peace*out

    Here's another one: A blond, a brunette and a redhead were in heaven. God says, To go to the pearly gates, you must eat 100 of your favorite fruit in one mouthful. The Brunette says 'blueberries' and eats them all in one mouthful. The redhead says 'blackberries' and eats them all in one mouthful. The honest blond says, 'WATERMELON' and needless to say, she doesn't pass.
  6. peace*out

    That's cool that ur gonna be a pilot. are you gonna fly jet blue or delta or something?? "Captain: taliesin at your service!!!"
  7. peace*out

    Like Ruby Briges??? Poor girl/boy............. still all that special attention is a plus!!!
  8. peace*out

    38 is i swear on the bible
  9. peace*out

    I think #3 is "Just between you and me
  10. peace*out

    True......How could they trick their kids like this!!!! :-o :'( Still........as long as it doesn't happen, it's a good joke!!
  11. peace*out

    Where?? if there all over the place, how can you say "where"????
  12. Are we fighting???? I'm sorry but i dont get it..............
  13. peace*out

    Yeah. I was never very good at spelling........... <_<
  14. I'd probobly think to my self, "I don't have to take his advice, if he doesn't want it. Because he said, don't take any advice, and he doesn't want me to obey him, ill take the advise i like and leave the rest." That's just me and my snappy brain. Good one itachi-san!!
  15. peace*out

    did it have to do with only herself or others?? aka: Who's involved??
  16. peace*out

    Last year, my class was 10 kids. now THAT's small!!!
  17. peace*out

    He deserves it!! HAHA u were right!!
  18. peace*out

    ohhhhhhhhh ur good!! Thanks for getting the answer for me, JarZe!!!
  19. peace*out

    What you do is say no to the first 100 cards. keep track of the highest #. then, when it comes around again say, "Yes, Yes that is it!!! I know it now!!! Lets do this!!!!" 100% unless they give up on you, then its 0%.
  20. peace*out

    Yeah.....does a man have to do with this?? if so, does he betray her in some odd way??
  21. peace*out

    HaHa. I love doing this to. Very rarly i can do the scrambles in the paper. (once i got 3 out of 5-i was WICKED happy) :P:P
  22. peace*out

    Holy, that's a lot!!! That's more than college....i think. eather way, that means that the devorce for 20 grand is a good deal!!
  23. peace*out

    ok..... is it easy??
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