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  1. peace*out

    Do you live in the US?? I do and i think you have that right!!
  2. peace*out

    Ah-Hah! Next time if there a four letter answer to a problem of yours i'll just repeat the alphabet 4 times and then i'd like to see YOU argue with me!!
  3. peace*out

    It is........... Good one!!
  4. I joined August 22nd, does that count????
  5. peace*out

    oh. I thought you were talking cars aka minivans, ect.
  6. peace*out

    my back up is turkey and my second is tukey, too
  7. peace*out

    Tell us when the real one is !!
  8. peace*out

    but what does pm mean!!??!!
  9. peace*out

    and what does the 2nd one mean??
  10. peace*out

    Whats the blabesh? When i write down every 3rd letter in the first one i get: pmmethis. oh. What does pm mean??
  11. peace*out

    But of course you would be wondering the same thing probobly, rilili!! Ahhhhh!!!
  12. peace*out

    thats smart i would have never thought of that!!
  13. peace*out

    "No the best movie is Blah!" "No the Best Movie is Blah Blah!" That wont cause a lengendary battle anytime soon, but sometimes you're right blade.
  14. peace*out

    more likly to the guy in the car If there was no guy in the car, id be really scared!
  15. peace*out

    Beacause they were mental
  16. peace*out

    It is a dissagrement, perhaps a opinion, but not war
  17. peace*out

    not nessacerely....
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