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  1. Just wondering......it didn't say there was suger..... <_<
  2. peace*out

    *Gulp* Am I the murderer!!??!!
  3. peace*out

    Better than what i would have thought of any day.......or make that year! not that i was thinking of anything........my mind's a blank slate!!
  4. peace*out

    If there is any room i'd love to play, but i might take a minute to figure each new post out.
  5. peace*out

    I bet that's what they're lookin for!! 0, 1, 2,
  6. peace*out

    how long did you think of that..............
  7. wooooooooooooowwwwwwwww! Never knew that before!! WOW! I think though that you have to have each # be different/no number can be repeted.
  8. peace*out

    if you go 1, 2, 3, that doesn't work! If all #s have to be postitive, than does 012 work? otherwise there is no answer!! But maybe that's the answer you're looking for..................
  9. peace*out

    ARe all clues important or are some fake?? (not needed i mean)
  10. Ok. I came up with this myself so tell my if there are glitches....... In a house color white lived a man seasons passed jb shot him dead never was a greater man His name brings thoughts but the last part of his name is no plus The first rhymes with something to stick yourself with and...... famly Who is he and where is the house??
  11. May i ask where the 'e's come from??
  12. Thanks!! That was perfect!!
  13. peace*out

    Did it rain recently??
  14. peace*out

    ARe they looking for a flying maching, maybe with a gun (kinda stupid for them to not have left it...........fingerprints nvrmind)????
  15. Could you possibly explian that in kid language?? I don't have a great vocabulary. <_<
  16. To the first answer....... does this mean that each letter is used once?? <_<
  17. Do spaces matter? I mean do you mean characters (_ _ _ _) or letters. If it is Roman numerals, you could go MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM (ect.) just wondering. <_<
  18. peace*out

    Hey i heard this one before..... isn't it...
  19. peace*out

    Are we alowed to ask questions or should we just guess??
  20. No probolem. i got confused and you set me strait!! Thanks!!
  21. Do you have to change a knob? If not, take your stratages with the knobs starting at 000 and go up. if you've already been in the room, don't do anything. just a thought
  22. Well they do have cameras, but that's not unlikely.........
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