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  1. Haiku WAI

  2. What am I? II

    Here's a collection of clues amassed so far... sorry I wasn't around for so long. yes that is correct. nice reasoning thanks =)
  3. What am I? II

    I don't have a logical reason, just a gut feeling. it's certainly a good answer and it follows the clues I've left well, but it doesn't fit all the lines. the answer is something completely different than anything guessed so far. I think this one has gone on long enough so here are 2 big hints. I have 1 more hint to reveal if needed, but it will surely end things.
  4. What am I? II

    sorry. there's not too much I can say without completely giving it away. as I said before it's not an easy solve, but the answer itself is extremely simple. it's something everyone knows and has used countless times
  5. What am I? II

    I don't think that fits for a few of the lines. nice try but it's not on the right track
  6. What am I? II

    nope, but this is the false answer that i was trying to make the riddle sound like nope
  7. I'm not a Romance of the Three Kingdoms

    aw thought I had it there...
  8. What am I? II

    no but thanks for trying =) I kinda thought it would just die off...
  9. What I Am

  10. What am I? II

    Put me in front of an infant Who's just learned how to walk And they may have trouble getting by You can find me deep within ice But you've surely seen me recently Despite my noticeable lack the past few years I'm considered lucky But if I tip over You may never hear the end of it What am I?
  11. A Fine Bouquet

  12. A Fine Bouquet

  13. What I Am

    that last answer is hilarious