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  1. peace*out

    #5: root screenn (m) jk Hey, i not good at this!!!
  2. peace*out

    So we need to find out the anagram??
  3. peace*out

    How much does a divorce cost in real life??
  4. sorry: i keep finding more and more. How do you tell when you are out of invisible ink? }
  5. Why in a country with freedom of speech are there phone bills? If Fruit flys eat fruit, what do house flys eat?? Why is the man who invests all your money called a broker??
  6. Which fruits are in Juicy Fruit?
  7. peace*out

    thats what she said
  8. peace*out

    My teacher said, "on jeprody that they asked 'what was the lowest layer of the atmosphere'", and no one answered. She was thinking, "my 7th grade class could answer that!!!"
  9. Hey!!! Does anyone have special frases aka things to ponder?? Here are a couple: 1) why do you drive on a parkway and park on a driveway?? 2)why do noses run and feet smell?? 3)if #2 pencils are most popular, why aren't they #1?? anyway.... What do you BrainDeners have??? <_<
  10. peace*out

    ur right. i did a project on the troposphere last week.
  11. peace*out

    "Stay calm even though it wont matter 'cause ur about to die??" jk
  12. peace*out

    Anyone else know, not just taliesin??
  13. peace*out

    Here's another one that i know and i want to know if you know. what layer on the atmosphere do you fly in??
  14. peace*out

    Don't kill urself of course u probobly have no option..........
  15. peace*out

    Wow, Solemn Raven, your good!!! undercover perhaps??
  16. peace*out

    Wow. 1000 posts. CONGRAGULATIONS PUZZLE GIRL!! Hope you get ur perfect name!!!
  17. peace*out

    whats an anogram again??
  18. peace*out

    I dont get it still
  19. peace*out

    at first i though tee (T), bye then eye was the answer
  20. peace*out

    I'll take a pizza italy. Pepperoni??
  21. peace*out

    I'm stuck, got a hint cherry lane???
  22. Hi everyone!! feel free to leave a comment whether ur talking, complementing, or just plain insulting me. Or just saying hi!! Leave a comment anytime!!

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