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  1. you made it?? Cool!!!
  2. Good ones!!! i didn't know there were so many (and that right there shows you how smart i am) .........
  3. i did that at my sister's friends house recently (yesterday). i should use that next time........
  4. Does anyone have a collection of backwards forwards words?? Like..... 1)dog (god) 2)gum (mug) 3)reed (deer) Any others?? <_< <_< <_<
  5. peace*out

    what does the 'Z' mean in Zomg (Izzy)??? i've heard of omg but not Zomg!!
  6. ok. i'll try to fix that, but it may take a bit. 1) to convince my parents to give up their credit card # for some$$ going through them (i dont think freeservers.com takes paypal!!)
  7. peace*out

    I get it now....... I agree - RECYCLE!!! and be more conservative. start to use clean energy sorces (we have solar panels at my house) like sun wind ect. thats it for now.................
  8. peace*out

    Oh, and welcome to the den!!
  9. peace*out

    do we have to pm you something?? <_< <_< <_<
  10. Heyyyy..........

    How ya doin???

    i'm good.

  11. peace*out

    Ohhhhh....... Thanks cherry lane!!!
  12. peace*out

    These are funny!! Where'd you get them??
  13. peace*out

    If you don't mind, im a kid, so.... 1)i dont have any kids! 2)what does that mean??
  14. peace*out

    akaslickster's right. Never be afraid to ask for help!1
  15. That's good!! http://z10.invisionfree.com/The_Theater/index.php?act=idx do you have a site??
  16. 2) it's a free site, since ..( 6) ) we're 12. she's only a bit older then me and you can see when i was born on my page. I'm not rich yet (sadly!)!! 4) what do you mean?? click on 'guestbook' and ur there!?! that's the way the site was set up, sorry. mabye if you tell me what you mean, i'll get it. 8) good idea.....i didn't think of that!!! your comments were VERY helpful. Thanks!!
  17. peace*out

    If it was perfect it would be: that she DID talk...... i gotta good comeback to that one, but it's steriotyping.
  18. peace*out

    did you get this one??
  19. I think the 0 throughs the whole thing off
  20. Hey guys!! My friend Ellena J s writing a book, and is hopeing to publish it!! Here is the site we (she) made for it (i showed her how but she did it!!): http://www.cityofanellma.4mg.com/index.html Note: the custom 4 page is about the authors. She's not finished with the page yet. Tell me ur comments on the guestbook or here. She's writing another book called The realms of elderia (that isn't the final name though) Here's that site: www.elderia.faithweb.com I made that one. Tell me!! :lol:
  21. peace*out

    just an idea of course.
  22. peace*out

    THat's one bad baby sitter!!!
  23. A guy walks into a bar and asks the bartender if he will give him a free beer if he shows him something amazing. The bartender agrees, so the guys pulls out a hamster, who begins dancing and singing "Tuff Enuff" by the Fabulous Thunderbirds. "That IS amazing!" says the bartender and gives the guy his free beer. "If I show you something else amazing, will you give me another beer?" The bartender agrees, so the guy pulls out a small piano and a hamster and a frog. Now the hamster plays the piano while the frog dances and sings "You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet" by Bachman-Turner Overdrive. The bartender, completely wowed, gives him another beer. A man in a suit, who's been watching the entire time, offers to buy the frog for a princely sum, which the man agrees to. "Are you nuts?" asks the bartender. "You could've made a fortune off that frog." "Can you keep a secret?" asks the man. "The hamster's a ventriloquist." so....... i don't know if it's on here already. i just got it off of the joke google gadget, and thought it was funny. Here's the info..... Called: Joke of the Day Is: Google gadjet. thats all i know for now.............
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