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  1. peace*out

    I wish i could solve a riddle.
  2. peace*out

    Greece? Cool!! I'd like to visit there but im stuck in the polluted us who is being currently run (and soon to be gone, YES) the infamous george bush.
  3. peace*out

    That's not stupid, and even if it is, it's better than what i thought of!!
  4. peace*out

    Is it...... 1. in concrete 2.higher above anything else 3.in lava? Was the boat going away from them? not closer but away??
  5. peace*out

  6. peace*out

    If it is not in water, the definition os island says: island n. ( Abbr. Isl. or Is. or I. ) A land mass, especially one smaller than a continent, entirely surrounded by water. Should i not consult the dictionary anymore??
  7. peace*out

    Wait......does the island have to be in water??
  8. peace*out

    Am i stupid or does somebody else not get this but me??
  9. Is it on a grid/is there a certain length, or could it range from a centemeter to google times that??
  10. peace*out

    ARe they close to shore??
  11. peace*out

    Two things: 1) No i haven't heard this one before. It's good!! 2) Because.... Just a few (or one) random guess(es)
  12. peace*out

    True, everything seems at war with each other. But I think what we are all trying to do is find a peacefulness within that war, or at least lessen the war. Yet war will probobly, and sadly, always be there.
  13. peace*out

    Player List: 1. Slick (???) 2. Frozen (Russia) 3. peace*out (Turkey) 4. GC 5. 6. 7. Come and Join!!
  14. That was quick! Abe Linkcon is right and so is john wilkes booth. the house is the white house. Thanks!!
  15. peace*out

    Don't Care what i am but for first choice i'd like a coastal provence. Other than that...............
  16. peace*out

    Green means money right?
  17. peace*out

    They could change the order of the pictures around........
  18. peace*out

    What would they find in the cars though.......or do you mean all veachles (including the motorcycle).........
  19. Just wondering......it didn't say there was suger..... <_<
  20. peace*out

    *Gulp* Am I the murderer!!??!!
  21. peace*out

    Better than what i would have thought of any day.......or make that year! not that i was thinking of anything........my mind's a blank slate!!
  22. peace*out

    If there is any room i'd love to play, but i might take a minute to figure each new post out.
  23. peace*out

    I bet that's what they're lookin for!! 0, 1, 2,
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