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  1. peace*out

    italy for free?? puh-lease!!! haha
  2. lay on the floor, and put your head on the scale???
  3. peace*out

    If this is really random, maybe the guy do random (and weird) things!!
  4. peace*out

    Very true, blade, very true.
  5. peace*out

    That helps me! thanks for the answer!!
  6. peace*out

    Ohhhhhhhh....... HAHAthats funny!! :D
  7. peace*out

    Did you guess, taliesin, or did you know all the answers already??
  8. peace*out

    I get it but i can't do it!!!
  9. peace*out

    Can i use those, minus the swears??
  10. peace*out

    So we can attack them and they do nothin?? I'm liking this!!
  11. peace*out

    Why were they in the middle of the highway in the first place!!
  12. peace*out

    On second thought.........
  13. peace*out

    How imaginative are you??
  14. peace*out

    I think i've heard that one....7 ilbs??
  15. Time flies doesn't it!!??!!
  16. peace*out

    ouch - don't even make me THINK about that!! uhhh...unless there is an outhouse, true.
  17. peace*out

    Did the question say why?? Did we have to guess why the dude wanted the job!!??!!
  18. peace*out

    I've read of them but haven't seen one, like TC.
  19. I was far away the whole time!!
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