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  1. nearing 30k views good job

  2. peace*out

    wiat - this is real?
  3. peace*out

    i was close enough, right? just wondring
  4. peace*out

    as the answers above. i agree. i just say same cause its quicker.
  5. When you're put on the spot maybe you can tell this tale Dispense with formality but don't fight it tooth and nail A clear cut solution if not only for good measure Is living in the present to help withstand the pressure
  6. peace*out

    a liquid at room temp on earth, or a liquid in outerspace? differnt things have different properities in different places!
  7. nope, but your thinking differntly! good job!
  8. A *SMART* blond joke...yep, u heard me!! a blond was sitting next to a lawyer on a plane. time goes by and he gets bored. he tries to chat her up, but she ignores him. He tries again. Finally, he goes in with bait: cash lets play a game, he says. nope, she replies. let me tell u how it work first! he cries, amazed she wont give him a chance. Fine, she says, and listens. "the game is played like this: i ask you a question, if u get it wrong, u give me $5. Then u ask me. if i get the question, i get $5. you can use any form of communication u like. how ab-" "nope." "then $50. i give u 50 if i get it wrong, you give me $5 if u get it wrong. how about that?" "nope." Fianlly, he breaks down. "I'll give you *$500* dollars, you give me 5? kapish?" she smiles. "kapish." he goes first. what's the capital of oklahoma? he asks. i dont know she says, and gives him 5$. "My turn!! "What is silver, has purple and green spots, and eats rotton cheese for lunch. oh, and also like the beatles. no other music is good for it." he thinks. he asks his friends. contacts everyone in EVERYWAY he can! but no luck. he sighs, and writes the check. "by the way, what is it?" he asks she hands him $5. :D :D
  9. yep~ im a blond, and im in "the smart class" (gifted and talented - though that may just be because im so gullible! my hidden talent)
  10. is this the kind of riddle where each line is something different?
  11. nope! all of you have the right idea, you just need to think outside the box
  12. peace*out

    same!!! haha nice one Eragon!
  13. nope, but good try!!
  14. nope! Edit: and welcome to the Den!!! nice to have you!
  15. no for both, but keep trying!
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