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  1. FYI: this is for the X-mas hunt

    The Truth:

    You've made it this far, but your not done yet, congrats so far,

    and i wish the best!!!

    final word: BD

    Click the link in my 'about me' page!! Thanks!!

  2. Merry X-mas!! Enjoy the Holidays!! :)

  3. Thanks guys!! :) any late comments are welcome - i love them all... :P

  4. thanks guys!!! So if u wake up at 8:58am EST (eastern standard time) you can think hey - it's peace's birthday!!!

    Thanks flinchum - that means a lot to me! :). I hope I can be like u too - making


    Feel special. Thanks all BDers!

  5. Thanks Maggi and LM!

  6. Congrats!! on ur 1000th!!

  7. You doof - your so funny!! :P

  8. Hi!! thanks for doing my puzzles!! I just wanted to say hi so - HI!

  9. HIHIHIHIHI!! sorry - tell me if you want me to stop leaving comments - i just LUV to do it!! :P sorry!

  10. HAPPY 500TH POST!!! :D

  11. I do latin - not that i have a choise, but i like it...

  12. I know......luckily some people in my class do to, so im not an oddity!!

  13. Hey - you share a birthday with 2 people in my class!!!! HI!!!!!

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