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  1. Really? Congrats!!!!! :D I wish i remembered mine... *Calls off in the distance* "Hey, guess who just solved their first puzzle!!!"
  2. why thank you! wait - is that a complement for me, the riddle, or both
  3. I'd LOVE to used bridge to terrabithia, but i cant have read it before... I couldn't do Bridge or "last of the really great wangdoodles" (dont ask ) Ive tried that too, but i cant find any good ones...
  4. nope, good try! yep!! haha, ur lucky u didn't jinx it!!
  5. peace*out

    Forest Mafia

    if there is another mini mafia PLEASE sign me up!
  6. knees circuit overtake splashed relish summit upper part leaves lid shirt high point highest foremost upper prime maximum exceed lead cover excessive fill
  7. Yep!! wow that was quick!
  8. ...when you arn't suprised that someone else knows the above is true ...when you know every joke on the forum (i SERIOUSLY just read the WHOLE ENTIRE jokes forum - every topic! including ALL this one) ...when you're dissapointed this is all you have...for now...
  9. I need help finding a poem and a short story (or novel) on imagination. In terms of short stories, i have already found (and am using) "The Wish" by Roald Dahl. I'm also using "When I write" by Janelle Tardif. but since I need 2 poems, and 2 short stories (or a novel), I need some help. thanks!
  10. peace*out

    When "I'm Awesome" by Spose suddenly is ur theme song (luv that song!)
  11. peace*out

    this may be a joke, but it acually is true...FINALLY someone who UNDERSTANDS! oh yes - if "Yes dear" has an OUNCE of sarcasim in it...lets just say it wont go down well
  12. peace*out

    this is from George bush, right? unless chicagos in texas...
  13. health class USA Robin 16 counties for a different state white again, but not a pine hmmmmmmmmmmm
  14. ...when you take the time to move your desktop next to your bed just in case you start sleeptyping (not yet, but it may happen) ...when the amount of time your on BD turns into...DAYS (and weeks, and months and...) ...when you HAVE to do a random post in a forum because it would be the 1000th post there! (yes, i did this here) ...when u JUST realized that Pink Floyd would be a cool member name... ...when you get invited to an fb group called i hate rain, see RT's picture as the picture, and hit ignore because u dont hate RT ...when someones talking to me, and im thinking about a puzzle on bd, say I GOT IT!!!, they say you know the answers to the ELA TEST?
  15. ...when you keep editing this post to add more (i started out with only one thing!) ...when I think that "cat" needs to be renamed to "kat" ...when your computer dies from being on BD for so long (9 min to go!!!) ...when you've been editing the above post for so long, uve used up the time limit ...when you write times of lynchings down on ur calendar ...when someone signs "peace", and you think, "no, thats MEEE, MEEE, MEEE i tell u!!" (no wonder people think im odd..." ...when "gifted and talented" class on wednesdays seems mediocure to the BD gifts and talents (4 min to go...3...) ...when your computer has to die for you to pause answering LJayden's riddle ...when u kno other brainden-ers schedules just as well as your own ...when you start mumbling "brain" "den" and "mafia" in your sleep (oh THATS why im in counceling!) ...when you have more friends on BD than in real life ...when its easier to make friends on BD then in real life ...when people on BD know more about you than in real life ...when you dream ur drama play turns into a lynching (3 nights ago, if ur wondering...)
  16. ...when someone types a blank line in your chat and you immediatly highlite it and this is why ...whenyou go crazy when your mom tells you your banned from computer ...when i jump up in the middle of a mafia game (real life btw) to go check my OTHER mafia game (BD style) ...when your more upset you failed a BD riddle than your test ...when you didn't know there was a test in the first place!
  17. when... ...your random doodles always look like bs and Ds ...you sign all letters, Peace*out! ...people talk about Eragon (the book series) and all you can think of is how its not a dragon, its a leaf! ...all the riddles you stump your friends with are taken from this site (SO TRUE!!) ...part of your ELA assignment is riddles, and you all know where THEY came from (yes i acually used Plasmid's riddle one time) ...you call a kid a newbie instead ...you'd rather be rated 4 stars than 5 ...when someone says your thing's only worth 3 *, you think, "Yes im advanced!"
  18. i think you basicly understand it. to refrase it, lets just say they all line up in a line. #1 goes down the line. first handshake, second handshake...onto the end. then #2 goes down the line, and shakes hands with everyone except #1. this is because #1 already shook hands with him/her. though this is a different answer to the problem before (now #7's 3rd handshake and #9's 3rd handshake can be the same. before, everyone shook hands at the same time. now, its one shake at a time.
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