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  1. peace*out

    racecar hannah hanah
  2. haha very true! thanks! i truly have no idea either! maybe someone out there can help...
  3. ask him if he has anything to help u (get inside the BOA)
  4. if you mean how many times did he shake hands, then the answer is of course 39. the formula for how to figure out how many hand shakes is as follows. let me know how I did, or if I was way off base by what you meant by "combinations" yes there were 39 "shakes", but in which order? he could have shaken hands with #8 or #15 first, #9 or #28 second, and so one. u have the answer. but what about how many orders of shakes in all? so if #1 shook hands with #8 first, #8 also shook hands with #1 first. then #1 shakes hands with #7, so #8 can shake hands with anyone but #1 (already shaken) or # 7 (hes already shaking hands. but maybe if he wants to shake hands with #5, #5s already shaking hands with #12 or #21. so how many combinations in all?
  5. maybe...as long as it's an education guess, than your good, but either way nope! good try tho nope, but good try!
  6. the fact (i think) is that the majority of spiders have 8 eyes. not all. so some may have more, and others may have less...
  7. peace*out

    I personally love fb. i *just* joined the brainden fan group. and invited clozo and kat to be my friends (so that random invite u got was me, not a random stalker. just thought you might want to know that). for anyone who has one, rookie adds a lot of puzzle through links on fb, so that and the igoogle app are great ways to check in on BD.
  8. ^^ Read the riddle. now think about this. say the reporter wanted to find out how many cobinations one person could have shaken hands, how many ways are there?
  9. good to know that i acually do know a random fact! thanks semper! though u do have a point eragon - if i ever have another riddle about a spider, ill be sure to mention the legs!
  10. sure! this one was about facts, though the others maybe opinions, slogans or facts again. The facts are found here or you can just look here: the state (maine) insect: the honeybee the state gem: tourmaline the state flower: the pine cone (doesn't seem like a flower, which is why i called it non existent) the state tree: the white pine (not really "white", hence it's as "white as a black tent"
  11. nope! good try tho!! look at #1 to get an idea for what i want...if u need some help that is... you have the right idea, just get get...a little closer to home
  12. I fall down falls the red surface bright though there is light and dark, there never is night
  13. peace*out

    what exactly's the name of the company?
  14. yep!!!!! im going to try to make a series out of these, though the others will be harder. good job!
  15. spiders are supposed to have 8 eyes too...right?
  16. simplify it look at the title if u want to understand more wat im going for (maybe)
  17. dont be sorry!!! this wasnt my best riddle...
  18. check plus for the first answer - u got it!
  19. peace*out

    twilight review: good but too much hype my fav books are: ALEX CROSS SERIES (James Patterson) Maximum Ride (James again) and...A story called untitled that my friends writing
  20. it was a VERY funny story
  21. peace*out

    if this is still happening...try contacting windows. or itunes. or both. they usually try to help (i know that iTunes is VERY nice and helpful)
  22. sweeter than a honey bee tourmaline for all to see the the flower n'er existent the white trees as white as a black tent where am i?
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