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  1. instead If you end up putting a girl in danger, you will endup making out with her just a half hour later. If someone shoots you in the torso, and you fall of a skyscraper into the freezing sea, you will still survive even trained assasinators hesitate when they see a kid even when you are face down in the sea for hours on end with two bullet wounds in the back, you will survive, but have amnesia. when you tell someone to come alone they will ALWAYS come with about 500 backup people snipers will always shoot from the tops of builidings behind HUGE letters bad guys will drive silver pruises, and, even if you've never seen the car in your life, you will always know its the bad guy. if you are the good guy, you are not necessarily innocent if someone is about to shoot you, dont worry, they will kill your girlfriends (whos right next to you)
  2. peace*out

    is it LIKE their answer, but not exactly, or on the right track, but not close to the answer...???
  3. peace*out

    thXX!! on the misspelling, that may have just been me!
  4. peace*out

    Lol, love them all!
  5. peace*out

    finally, someone GETS IT!! lol! i <3 this one!
  6. peace*out

    just wondering...what does IB stand for?
  7. peace*out

    well one day a chicken decided to cross the road. He did. the end!!!! ^ that is a simple story!!!
  8. peace*out

    that is, if u dont die first. or, someone saves you, than new york kills you!!! :'(
  9. nope! but good try!!!
  10. peace*out

    and in terms of other funny lawsuits, i heard that a robber broke into a house, stole something, fell into the stairs, broke his foot, than sued the owners of the house!
  11. peace*out

    Ive done that before!!
  12. in an essay, you should restate the question. for ex: if the question is 'why is brain den so cool?' you would say 'brain den is cool because...' and continue onward from there.
  13. peace*out

    thats funny! its almost a paradox...ALMOST!!!!
  14. peace*out

    does 'taht nay a temptest can destroy' mean it CAN be destroyed or that it CANT?
  15. peace*out

    do all 3 words together make a whole nother meaning?
  16. a formula (6n+1), though you may not know why a dessert (great with syrup) yummy time! if larger, a weapon, if smaller. not there cause it would have dissapeared into thin air 3s a magic number, so twice that means double magic too a winters kiss upon the cheeck, like saying 'I love you!' WAI?
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