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  1. ok - i'll host another one, and we'll play that way... thanks! Nintendo's right, by the way.
  2. yah - for this round. Day ends in 24 hrs, 28 min. Except it's 1-2 - so you have a 50/50 chance of getting it!! who's left: ~NM ~SD ~Magic
  3. no, it's still on. With... Magic SD and NintendoMad (who will be replacing 9952) if NintendoMad doesn't come in, would any one of you want to be a backup? only three would sign up at max.
  4. im sorry for the delay. yesterday was REALLY busy, and last night, i only had a few minutes - not enough to write this, since im a slow typer. day 1: Clozo, ST and Underground Dan were going to the mathematician's house for clozo's appt. They stepped inside the dark house. And, to the sound of silence, fell down with a bullet in the back of their heads. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Social Darwin got a phone call. "Dont go to the assasin's house today". Ring, Ring! Social Darwin's appointment was canceled. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ peace was trying to get a phone call to scsw, but his phone line was busy, since he was talking to randro. They headed of to their appointments together, and died immediatly as they passed the assasin's house. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Limy and Slick were talking. They were drinking water they had bought from the mathematician. Gasp. Sputter. Dead, from the poision within the bottles. the mathematician packed up and went home. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ MrsP was baking a cake when suddenly she felt herself being gagged and bound, and tossed into a truck with GMaster479. Together they waited until the died from lack of oxygen, and the carbon monoxide that was leaking from the front of the abandoned truck. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Magic_luver was going to her appointment when she was knocked down by peace. She retuned immediatly to her house, thanks to peace's advise. 1 - none 2 - st; underground dan; clozo 3 - social darwin 4 - scsw, randro 5 - limey, slick 6 - mrsP; gmaster479 7 - Magic_luver (she was 11, but since the #s were 1 - 7, she got moved up to 7)
  5. peace*out

    When everyone's back is to you on facebook When you go on myspace, people take one look at you and say, ok, ok, you can have it!
  6. peace*out

  7. peace*out

    One time, i was reading a joke book to my cousin. He said want to hear a joke i just make up? I said, sure! Knock knock who there? Rudolf the red deer rain nose Rudolf the red deer rain nose who? Cinderella!!! And of course, he starts to laugh REALLY LOUD. I join in. ;) :) :D
  8. peace*out

    wowwwww.................................... wow reay!, that's what i said!!
  9. peace*out

    :D Ive heard that one before, i think it's on the site, but it never gets old!!! :D
  10. peace*out

    Fantasy Mafia

    Same here: thanks, and I would like to join Woon!!!
  11. Very true! And, yes your right about the introducing characters - i forgot to add intro to the top.
  12. Host: GMaster479 Co-Host: scsw 1. Clozobozo 2. Abhisk 3. Peace! 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19.
  13. Ok - im adding Mafia to this just so i wont have to make the reports boring: "Blah and Bleh chose 3. they are out." The mathematician looked over the next days appointments: 8:00 - Peace 9:00 - GMaster479 10:00 - Limey 11:00 - 9952 12:00 - Social Darwin 1:00 - Randro 2:00 - clozo 3:00 - Magic_luver101 4:00 - ST 5:00 - MrsP 6:00 - akaslickster 7:00 - scsw 8:00 - Underground_dan He was bored. teaching math, and scaring people with numbers was SOOOOOO boring. He needed something better to do. He scanned his secret newspaper (The things you shouldn't know) in the help wanted add. once add caught his eye: Help Wanted: assasin. must be able to work quietly. beep-beep-beep, beep-beep-beep-beep. Ring, ring. "Hello? Ahh, you want the assasin job." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Peace was ready for her appointment with the mathematician. As she waited outside the door, she heard him talking about a job - as an ASSASIN!! She ran to tell the next days appointments. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ GMaster479 and Limey were having a...talk. "DONT YOU DAR DISTURB MY HOUSE AGAIN!" yelled GM. "I'm sorry!" Yelled back Limey "The dog next door was barking at me, broke through the chain, and it was your house or death!" "Fine" remarked Gm, "But be more careful nest time - ill be watching you" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 9952, Social Darwin, Randro and clozo were talking. "I heard that someone new moved in the neighborhood! Her name's ST" The others nodded, talked, then went on to the topic of donuts. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Magic_luver101 was hanging out with MrsP, akaslickster, scsw and Underground_dan. "What's new she said" and as they replied, they were all unaware of the assasin peeking in her window with the mathematician next to him.
  14. The people who have sent their PMs in are MrsP, Star_tiger, scsw, Slick , limey, clozo, and some others!!!!! Because i have the list at home, i will announce the things tonight at 8:00 - and because i have a dance this afternoon. Thanks for the people who already got their PMs in!!!
  15. I love the Joke with the Brain Teaser!!
  16. Go to the sign up thread. Ill post the link in a sec, or you can go to my page, click 'topics' and go the the second one down. Edit: Link: Number Game Sign Up Thread!!
  17. peace*out

    I hate it when... ...the radio station plays the same song OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!! ...When my sister asks me if she can use my iPod once i start using it
  18. OMG I was SO not trying to ignore you - i just didn't see ur post!!! We already had the sign ups, but you can be a backup!!! Want that? 1) GMaster479 2) Limey 3) 9952 4) Social Darwin 5) Randro 6) clozo 7) Magic_luver101 8) ST 9)MrsP 10)akaslickster 11)scsw 12.) Underground_dan Backups: NintendoMad I'll send you a PM when/if your needed!
  19. Awsome! The people who have sent their PMs in are MrsP, Star_tiger, scsw, Slick and Limey!!! 5 out of 12 - only 13 hrs left!!!
  20. Yay! sign ups done! I was thinking that...Look for a quick poll in the game thread - just an idea, but it doesn't matter... Link to Game Thread: Game Time!!
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