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  1. peace*out

    I haven't heard that one before!
  2. the word shows the word it has a well known riddle of a head and the like but no body what is it?
  3. 100.0 creates a boudry that even a tenth can make a difference between a line of fine and dead wasting a day or rhyming with boys depending on ages whether or not there's toys
  4. 1) Polly Migo 2) GMaster479 3) Framm 18 4) JarZe 5) golfjunkie 6) slick 7) abhisk 8) jeffery12109 9)PEACE!!!! 10)onetruth 11) 12) 13) Music 14) harvey45 15) 24_65 16) Phaze 17) actressgirl just making it pretty...
  5. EDIT: its 356,965 WATTS (not mw... oops!)
  6. yah...and it could be used when a topic's creator finds an answer in a puzzle or something, he relpies and posts that - so i fyou want to find the answer, you just have to look for that smiley!!
  7. what's the cheapest wind turbine that will produce at least 356965 mw (megawatts) annually? I've looked everywhere i can think of on the internet and i cant find anything...
  8. hiii! :) I haven't said hi to you for a bit, so i thought i would!

  9. Nice, by the way. thanks! good job, yep, you got it!! Welcome to the Den~
  10. yep!!! good job! I love your reasoning there M300 - "And because it does not look like a dove." Great job u 2, especially ana!
  11. peace*out

    Mafia Mafia

    Just a quick mafia queston: if people are recruted by indies, do they know it or not??? But GREAT GAME - it was fun to watch!!!
  12. nice!!! I like your profile pic - is it new?

  13. yay! welcome to the den pogi! you got it!
  14. To change the conversation and bring a new topic in look to your right and the answer shall begin
  15. a bucket found in every room covered then taken away returned next morning (no, not a broom) new plastic lining, ok?
  16. 7 colors all align to form a substance so devine its pure, it pretty, and it's no lie it helps to make a lullaby...
  17. 7 in an object rising up above frowning that it looks nothing like a dove (yes this is an easy one)
  18. edit: didn't realize this was over...though sign me up for 4!!!
  19. 1. harvey45 2. 24_65... 3. golfjunkie 4. EDM 5. actressgirl 6. Peace 7. abhisk 8. 9. 10. Backups 1. Mentor 1. Phaze (Mentor only, Not to be used as backup) ahh what the heck...
  20. Hi!!! :D how r u? I haven't talked to you in a while...hows life?

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