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  1. thats a good answer! however, not the one i was thinking of... ***probably should have phrased it different, but 'twice' doesn't mean it's repeated...
  2. 3 letters have i spelled 2 different ways twice me has 8 eyes please come and say, "who am i" (is this one too easy?)
  3. yep! welcome to the den Annamaetion!
  4. YAY u got it!!1 nope, but good try!
  5. Yep!!! the second one no, but good try!
  6. no, but you have the right idea. good job!
  7. peace*out

    awsome!! I guess science fairs good for something after all
  8. could we have a smiley with a sign that says answer or something? that could be cool!!!!!! **1000th post in this forum!
  9. no, but good try! keep guessing!
  10. three letters we share, i hope we dont fall then tell me the answer to it all i click the long bar surrounded by black beat someone in a suitcase on the rack around the corner mysterious men what is under the mask again? a doilly or two made of cloth we walk back and forth faster than a sloth I run in this, the prize flower come here what are the 3 letters so near
  11. i insulate your hopes and good times metals sheen and luster life even though i dont win the race I'll always get the second place what am i?
  12. peace*out

    i meant that...oops!
  13. peace*out

    Twice Ten

    so she was right? just checking... Great riddle!
  14. I can't find it on here (ive been looking for days), but i think one of my favorite topics on here is the one where it talks about God, and there is a polite debate between a professor and his student. I think Ben Law (and maybe?) unreality were being mentioned as names for the characters. Other than that, I like because ive found so many new videos, and the thread because ive found one of my favorite books on it: ender's game
  15. peace*out

    pepsi because of brand name loyatly (dad works with them) and i like the taste
  16. peace*out

    I love this series! the movie came out recently - has anyone seen it yet? or is it not OUT OUT
  17. peace*out

    Ok - so for anyone else who needs this, i found a cool site recently call instructables. http://www.instructables.com/ it has all this fun DIY stuff, and though it may not be for 4 year olds, older children might have fun with it
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