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  1. you're conveniently replacing words in the OP to fit your argument. a 'mark' is different than a 'feature' when describing the way a person looks. type of hair is a feature, not a mark as the OP clearly states. also, arguments are essentially pointless when discussing a lateral thinking problem. the whole point is that there are many solutions, but there is only one truly satisfying answer. if you are satisfied by "He arrested the one with a shopping cart full of stuff" then be happy with that and move on... I don't think lateral thinkers are for you. Take this classic one for instance:
  2. close, but not quite. you're closer to solving the third stanza than anyone yet
  3. yep! that's the middle stanza. just take it a step further as hinted in this post and you'll have the answer:
  4. here's a possible giveaway and final hint, but I don't think it's fair to keep it hanging around
  5. heh no. the answer would be easily provable on each line
  6. did you read what i wrote in the spoiler box? in your first 'point' you put the word 'other' in bold. why? it implies nothing. in your second 'point' you're assuming an unobtainable probability. and in your third 'point' you are classifying a trait under a label that it has never been characterized under. I do literally see them, they just don't make sense
  7. oh that's funny. glad it was just a joke. good job btw
  8. retorts located in your spoiler box. I don't really see what your points are.
  9. crack the code: 47,44,32,26,53 _ 5,23,42 _ 53,23,3,2 _ 44,49,58 _ 53,31,17 _ 1,16,3,33,5,51,7,21,4,55,23,5,61! don't bother highlighting it
  10. very nice! this was the answer I was looking for also along these lines:
  11. no assumptions needed. any amputation of the lower left leg would suffice. unfortunately the amount of people who have had that is quite large
  12. I think people should be allowed to do whatever they want as long as it doesnt impact the lives of others. When you get down to it, who is one person to dictate what another person does as long as they are only effecting themselves? Do I have the right to limit the amount of food a fat person eats? I say no. It doesnt matter if youre on alcohol, marijuana, prescription drugs or just over tired or distracted by your kids in the back seat, reckless driving is the same thing. it always is and should have the same penalty no matter what the cause. same thing with public disturbances. If you are
  13. hmm. I don't know about that. Think about the various taxes put on the sale and production of the product as well as regulations put on the company to do all sorts of things from quality control to inclusion of the nutrition facts. My opinion of how to make government more efficient and less corrupt is similar to the tea party although I don't agree with everything they say nor some of the off the wall candidates they have put up for election. I do support them though, just as I support anyone's right to lawful protest. But basically I think the proper way to implement govt is to have as muc
  14. this is not an original question, just one I came across recently that I liked. I searched and didn't find it so apologies if you've seen it before There are roughly 6,984,895,594 people in the world right now according to the population estimation clock. What would be your estimation if asked to multiply together the number of left toes each person has?
  15. but I don't recall if he was ever replaced with a sun now you are the closest to the answer. Same ballpark. Probably at the infield. But not quite near home yet =) keep in mind that the answer is plural as well
  16. I came to this conclusion too, but 2 of the games have the same overall score (11) so it violates rule #3. I've been waiting to see others' solutions, but I think there is a typo in the OP or something edit: nevermind... I just realized that 'score' meant both individual numbers... jeez I spent so long trying to figure out why it wasn't working out perfectly... lol
  17. hmm. that's true, but unintended. my fault for not eliminating it. let me amend the OP to try to get the other intended answer. but you get credit for solving it originally and very quickly too. Also, I'll eliminate that first answer. I was debating whether that one was too easy or not and I'd like the riddle to last a little longer. although with the braindenizens on the case...
  18. yes. this is one of the answers I was looking for. good job. but what if Ima were to have reported that Brian just got to work and didn't have time to dawn his uniform or a nametag?
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