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  1. I'll let you guys know when Brandonb has lost access here. I'd advise to hold off on posting plans until he's gone
  2. Day 7: Zeus gains another Ally Hades stood all alone at the peak of Mt. Olympus, cape flapping in the heavenly gusts, arms folded across his chest and laughing maniacally. Hades: Whatever it takes! I'll use whoever I want to attain my goals and gain control of the Sun! And my brother will give it to me. He'll soon recognize my importance! The Sun and then one day all of Olympus will be mine! Muahahahahahahah! --- Mnemosyne relinquished one of her Summonings to Olympus' soil and soon after, Demeter rose from the ground, flowers, vines and plants exploding from the surrounding terrain as she walked toward Zeus' royal palace. Mnemosyne lowered her head and began muttering to herself. "What has become of me? Being ordered around by a lesser generation? Relinquishing my power and my offspring to aid Zeus' ordeal? Have the Titans fallen so far? ...what a shame..." --- Odysseus brandished his sword and pointed it straight up at the highest peak of Olympus. Hearing the faint echoing of Hades' insane intentions, Odysseus bellowed back: "Get out of our Forum!" --- Roster: 1) Brandonb 2) dawh 3) grey cells 4) IDNE 5) Impervious 6) Kat 7) Prof. Templeton 8) SomeGuy 9) star tiger 10) Y-San Night 8 begins now.
  3. hehe well, let's give it at least until tomorrow morning. I haven't heard from anyone who may be opposed the idea, so it wouldn't be fair. That being said, I'd be shocked if st didn't get the vote, but still... let's wait until tomorrow morning.
  4. I apologize for any bad feelings that have arisen during this game. I can only assure everyone that nothing was done out of any malicious or personal intent and Bb had indeed been planning a revolt for a while. The thing is that I sort of intended this type of thing to happen with the 3 day rule, so I'll take the blame for the game design in that respect. I wasn't sure if a betrayal would happen or not, but I assumed the Independents would at least make some nights very difficult for Zeus and/or Odysseus. I do feel bad that this group seems to have been getting hit from all sides over the last couple nights, but that could also be said to be the result of not making good enough plans to please Independents and keep them in a favorable position. Again though, I really can't stress enough that the actions taken against the heroes here were not meant to be personal. That is of course to the best of my knowledge, but also in fairness to Bb I received a pm about a possible plot to betray him as well. That didn't go through of course, but it was at least discussed. Oh and lastly, the shield thing... can that be the last I hear of that please? It only played into the effects of 1 night and I then changed what I had intended from that ability to exactly what this team wanted. I feel like I apologized enough for that and now it's just getting annoying. Believe it or not, the other team didn't complain one bit when the power was decreased
  5. I could end the day early if nobody is opposed. I'll check back in a few hours. If anyone wants the full 24 hours just say so, but this looks like ST all the way.
  6. Well hades finally betrayed you guys. The damage wasn't horrible, but it's pretty bad... Nestor now has no Summonings and you basically lost a teammate If you guys want to withdraw your insurrection from Olympus, it's totally understandable.
  7. Night 7: A Twisted Betrayal, Aggressive Independents and Indestructible Titans Kneeling by a map of Olympus drawn in the dirt with his dagger, Odysseus set his group forth with an onslaught of orders. Nestor and Diomedes departed on their respective missions, but Hades lingered. "Go now! We haven't much time!" Odysseus urged the thorny God, the former ruler of Tartarus. Dawning his invisible helmet, Hades vanished from sight and left Odysseus without the slightest clue about the smile he now wore from ear to ear. --- Heart pounding with murderous intent, Diomedes charged SG with the wisdom of Nestor pounding at the inside of skull. Each giant step he took closer, Diomedes became faster and more powerful, ready to destroy SG. But what was this? An unforeseen face made its presence known just before he reached SG. It was Helen! But how?! Her luxuriant golden hair tossed over her shoulder, batting eyes at Diomedes, he fell victim to her beauty and stood still and stunned watching her heavenly body approach him. "Damn that Hades! He won't get away with this!" Just as he thought Helen was finished with him, Calliope appeared in front of him, floating in mid-air and reading a lengthy epic. Diomedes was frozen at the sound of her voice. "Ugh. This is going to be a looooong night..." --- Nestor's experience was his biggest asset and he used it wisely once again to forestall Mnemosyne from messing with IDNE's mind. Something was off though. He could sense that Zeus was about to eradicate one of his plans, but then he felt the tremors of Atlas and was pacified. --- IDNE stood in the sights of Aphrodite's charm, but just as she got set to work her magic, the earth began to tremble and the two opponents took shelter from the storm Atlas was about to bring. --- IDNE braced himself for Atlas' arrival, ready for seemingly anything. "Come on! Do it! I'm right here! We're running out of time!" IDNE's impatience got the best of him as he waited for the colossal Titan to finally emerge below Olympus. Uncharacteristically, he never noticed Demeter watching him; he never saw Rhea coming... The Titan grabbed his entire body with one fist and lifted him. IDNE was forced to Sacrifice one of his Summonings to provide a bit of cushion in her deadly grasp. He slipped out between her fingers and hid himself from the monstrous Titan only to be greeted by the Summoning he had just lost. IDNE: What's this? Another trick? ???: No my friend. We have somehow again been thrust back to the Age of Titans. I cannot be killed in such a time. IDNE: Ah, a stroke of luck on this cursed night? Phew.." --- Y-San's world vanished before her eyes and she found herself being rushed by none other than the Erymanthian Boar striaght out of the tales of the mighty Heracles. She stood no chance in its way though and was forced to block her body from being trampled with the spirit of one of her Summonings. That spirit was now lost to her. --- Foiling Mnemosyne's plans proved to put a wicked strain on Agamemnon's mind, though who would foresee the Invisible hand of Hades clutching a posionous dagger from behind? Not many. Agamemnon's eyes rolled back in his head as he collapsed and his spirit returned to Tartarus. --- Aphrodite stood before IDNE, Zeus plotted against Agamemnon, but both were shaken senseless when Atlas' hands finally grabbed hold of Olympus. Only the Giant's forearms could be seen, bursting from the clouds below. Odysseus drew a deep breath at Atlas' late yet much needed arrival and prepared to fight a battle from all fronts. What had the Heroes gotten themselves into? And why did they ever trust that menace Hades who they had only recently dethroned? Thankful for having the aid of the Titans, Odysseus' mind raced, but victory seemed to distance itself from his thoughts. --- Roster: 1) Brandonb 2) dawh 3) grey cells 4) IDNE 5) Impervious 6) Kat 7) Prof. Templeton 8) SomeGuy 9) star tiger 10) Y-San Day 7 begins now and ends in 24
  8. thanks! and all vote for titans
  9. lolz. I have to agree that it's on topic. But I have to disagree in thinking Zeus could be anything other than a baddie Can anyone think of a story with Zeus in which he isn't a despicable character in multiple ways night post sort of soon.
  10. aw, the baddies have a change of plans in the works which isn't finalized. The night will have to be delayed for another long while it seems. honestly, I don't mind at all, but I apologize for the delays if others do mind
  11. both btsc teams have a slight problem with summonings so I guess we need to wait until tomorrow for the night to finish. i'll write/post it when everything is set. Edit: Independents can feel free to change their actions if they so choose.
  12. 1 problem. Ares was summoned night 5 so he can't be summoned this night. I know it didn't take since dawh was put to sleep but it still mattered for guessing purposes so it had to count.
  13. darn. Prometheus was used last night and cannot be used. i really need to write this thing now hmmm
  14. Thanks! @IDNE, a player can only lose 1 Summoning or their life per night.
  15. This isn't an ultimatum or something, but I'm gonna be away for most of the day starting soon, so if the final actions aren't in soon, then the night post will be delayed for a while. Until late tonight probably.
  16. I believe that the part you focus on when you say that a character can only loose one summon a night is the part I have highlighted, however, I believe that it is saying we can only specifically target a summon if it is being used that night. Basically, if Zeus is using Hermes one day, and we target Zeus, Zeus gets to choose whatever summon he wishes to sacrifice, however, if we target hermes, if the attack is successful and not nullified by a guess, Zeus must forfiet Hermes and has no decision about which summon to lose. If we successfully attack a character three times, and they only have 2 summons, we kill them. ITACHI: Is this a correct interpretation? yes mostly correct, sorry I forgot about this question when answering stuff. The only thing you need to add to that interpretation is that Hermes will be unaffected if he is not Summoned on the night he is attacked.
  17. status update: we have lost a member from each BTSC group. ST and Y-San. Thanks for playing you 2! Your participation was greatly appreciated and enjoyed! So, both those roles will be powerplayed by their respective teams from now on. If either character should leave a team due to not enough Sacrifices, then that character will simply leave the game for good. I don't really feel like recruiting new people and I doubt many would want to join in the middle of this mayhem anyway As for the current night, we still need some time on both sides to sort all the actions out. Please submit a FINAL version of all night actions in a post on the BTSC Forums. Thanks and good luck. Tonight seems like it may be the beginning of the finale, but no spoliers ~it's probably just the tip of the iceberg anyway
  18. yes. the random guesses may each turn out to be the same as mnemosyne's nullifier, but they could all be different too
  19. Oh wait. Scratch that. If nullified, Zeus or Odysseus will lose 1 random guess as per the OP. I knew I was forgetting about something when I was writing that
  20. Hey everyone! great conversation going on as usual sorry to lose you Y-San, but at the end of the day it's just a game and it should be fun, so I totally understand. No worries and thanks for playing ~it has been quite the epic game all thanks to having awesome players. ST has also dropped out. My thoughts are that if you guys don't mind, just powerplay Nestor. The other group will be powerplaying ST as well. This would nullify Agamemnon's guess, which I'm sure you don't want correct. Nestor would be nullified of his primary action.
  21. Hey guys! great discussion the thing about Mnemosyne is that she may nullify a guess of her choice if targeting Odysseus, but her primary nullification only effects the Era vote of that target. Also, for Aphrodite and all other nullifying characters, Zeus and Odysseus' guesses are unaffected. They take precedence in all situations other than the Era and Mnemosyne. I think that's correct. Edit 2: So much for that...lolz. Edit: let me know if it's been different at some point prior in the game. I've been running circles around some questions lately... no, she's not a typical nullification character. She only effects Zeus and Odysseus' guesses and Era votes.
  22. oh that should have been mentioned in the night post. It was Priam who was Summoned last Night.
  23. Edit: oh nvm. i thought it was more complaining. on with the show
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