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  1. The night post may be delayed in light of some questions/answers about night actions and game rules.
  2. yes, they are still effectual. the idea is just that they have to be summoned the previous night to have a chance at working. yes. protect is a blanket word that covers all malicious actions. it doesn't stop zeus from getting ids though. Demeter in place of Diomedes for this one. Demeter keeps the 1 use of the Summon and gets an extra chance to have that Summon for a second time.
  3. oh which one? i didn't know there was a misunderstanding, sorry
  4. I'll wait for finalized versions of Poseidon and Mnemosyne's actions
  5. About 14 hours left in the night.
  6. itachi-san

    ...you just did
  7. A couple things about this night: we're back to voting on Eras and everything is ripe for the picking also, I think tonight would make for a good time to get the game back to around it's original cycling time, so the night will end 38 hours from the last Day Post.
  8. you have random.org to thank for that one... Impy got the 25% shot The Game was either going to be over or get really close... I'm assuming GC was trying to make it close
  9. Good work dawh you guys will soon have star_tiger joining the ranks as Mnemosyne and the game just got a whole lot better in the process
  10. Day 5: Impervious gets Lucky Impervious: Something about today... it just feels lucky... SG: She's here Impervious. Impervious spun around on his heels and greeted his guest. The Titanesse Mnemosyne sauntered into his chamber as SG took his leave. Mnemosyne: Do you have my second Offering? With an air that exuded the words "of course", Impervious began to pull something from his chest. It was as if he was ripping out his own heart, but felt no pain. In his hands was what looked like a feisty spirit, one he could barely control. It shrank and condensed as it was pulled out of his body. Into a tightly packed sphere, it finally stilled and Impervious tossed it around in his hands as he tried to get some kind of impression from Mnemosyne. Alas, he could not. Mnemosyne only motioned down, as if she wanted nothing to do with the Offering that she had just demanded. As if she only took pleasure in seeing Impervious lose a part of himself. Down to Tartarus the Offering flew. Down to the clutches of Demeter whose power grew vastly during the time of this final battle among immortals. Mnemosyne: Do not look at me like that. It is not as if I could have kept it anyway, so why would I even bother? I only wanted to see how serious you were in acquiring my skills. Impervious: And...? Mnemosyne: I shall join you. For now... --- SG passed by Mnemosyne's temple later that day. He studied the statue of the Titan, which now had a strange aura surrounding it. None of the cracks that had shown before were present now. It seemed alive to him. As if the Titans really were regaining all their former power. He felt chills up and down his spine at that thought, and at his next thought: of how he would now be part of an alliance with one of them. --- Roster: 1) Brandonb 2) dawh 3) grey cells 4) IDNE 5) Impervious 6) Kat 7) Prof. Templeton 8) SomeGuy 9) star tiger 10) Y-San
  11. well, he'll have to be happy since it's that or nothing and you guys got lucky with the 25% chance. ..you can thank random.org later.. if it helps, that's the move I would have went with
  12. you guys need to post an offering pronto
  13. No. I'll let everyone know right away about the longer cycle. I think it would be more suited for a night cycle anyway. This day ends in about 1 hour.
  14. actually I meant 36 hours... ...stupid work filling my head.
  15. about 3 hours left in the day. just a note: pretty soon there will have to be a longer cycle (probably an 18 hour one) to get the game back to a more manageable time for me edit: ahem *cough* 36 hours...
  16. oh sorry, i thought i posted that here last night. all 3 were correct. good job. as you know, PT is Diomedes. no, it failed. i guess i didn't write that segment of the night post clear enough
  17. it would still count as a correct guess. I need to add something to the night though. Mnemosyne blocked one of your guesses: the 2nd one. you got the first one about Aphrodite and the 3rd one about Diomedes correct though Edit: actually, I was going to make an addendum but then realized it would completely give you away to Mnemosyne so I'm still leaving it out. Edit 2: also, probably needless to say, you lost Hermes and then luckily got him instantly back
  18. If dawh did Summon anyone then no because that Summoning could have been guessed which would mean that it did have some sort of effect on this night.
  19. Night 5: Chaos Again the plight of the Characters grew worse. No longer was there life in the Universe aside from themselves. Wait. No. There was something, but it was not life. It was reality. Nyx was only just born. The everlasting night fell on all the characters, but it grew darkest around four of them, seemingly at random. dawh, Impervious, Kat and star tiger all were enveloped in the extreme blackness of Nyx' birth. Impervious: Oh, no ways... --- Aphrodite's plan to seduce Y-San again was completely foiled by the wise old warrior, Nestor. Likewise, Diomedes' attempt to Summon Briares was nullified by the brilliance of Zeus. Skirting what little arrows and spears the Heroes had on them, Hermes managed to escape their cleverness just in the nick of time and reach Aphrodite with a message of utmost importance. --- The brave Achilles, carrying the will of Nestor, caught up to the fleet-footed God though. Having already sent his message, Hermes let his wariness of Nyx' approach get the best of him. He did not notice Achilles' presence until his spear pierced his chest through his back. Thus, Hermes died and Demeter received his Spirit with open arms. --- Nyx sealed each of the four prisoners completely in darkness. All their senses proved useless. It was an absolute nightmare. dawh felt around blindly. a useless effort since his sense of touch was taken as well. Unbeknown to dawh, Hypnos' form began to appear from behind him and entered what at first appeared to be the solid black encasing that had captured him. Hypnos laid a hand on dawh's shoulder and sleep washed over him. Kat was not as lucky though. She too was surrounded by the pitch black, but from her cell appeared Thantos. Try as he could, Thanatos could not take her life, but settled instead for another Spirit's life that Kat kept inside her. A summoning died for her this night. Thanatos was satisfied. Impervious' black nightmare became oddly bright. He was granted one of the Summonings he had lost. ST was held in her dear embrace, kept safe from any harm. --- Roster: 1) Brandonb 2) dawh 3) grey cells 4) IDNE 5) Impervious 6) Kat 7) Prof. Templeton 8) SomeGuy 9) star tiger 10) Y-San
  20. lol, why the sigh? night post soon btw
  21. just waiting on the heroes btsc to finalize actions.
  22. 1) yes, but they die and leave the game 2) no. she only gets to use each Summoning once, with the one Nyx exception pointed out in the OP Edit: is that last post your final set of actions?
  23. I think everything should be good to go. I'll give the night another hour just to make sure. for btsc people: maybe adding a FINAL to your actions would prevent any miscommunication.
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