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  1. yea, I need to know which one Y-San gave up
  2. oh you still have hephaestus to give as many swords and shields as you want. i just messed up between what i intended and what i wrote in the OP as far as the shield breaking and the defensive percentage.
  3. yeah, they were both cracked. sorry for the confusion. luckily, it seemed to not make too much of a mess for either side. the other Forum wasn't too pleased about it, but it was my fault for not explaining it properly in the OP.
  4. Day 6: Awakening Laying on the fertile soil of Olympus, ST stared up at the clouds and made shapes and pictures of them in her mind. "Hmm. I can't really play anymore. If only my people had more help..." The ground rumbled from beneath her. She closed her eyes and began to pray to Demeter. "I never thought I'd be praying to a mere child... strange days these certainly are." A glowing shroud surrounded ST for a moment and then sunk into the earth below her. The ground began to quake and then massive explosions of budding flora burst from all around her. ST: One more Sacrifice should be enough to gain Demeter's power. At least for a while. --- Roster: 1) Brandonb 2) dawh 3) grey cells 4) IDNE 5) Impervious 6) Kat 7) Prof. Templeton 8) SomeGuy 9) star tiger 10) Y-San Night 7 begins now.
  5. yeah, I think the cat will be totally out of the bag about her ID after today anyway.
  6. also, i was thinking about replacing ST and decided that I don't really want to do it. If some1 steps up and wants to play, that's fine, but if no one does, here's my plan: if you guys want to keep Mnemosyne you can just powerplay her. If you guys end up dropping her, I'll just take her out of the game.
  7. so i screwed up a little with the Hephaestus shield deal. it ends up working out for you guys since (if I remember correctly) dawh or SG would have wound up losing a Summoning, but the other would have kept his shield. Basically, it can't work out that you lose the shield and keep the summoning. either you keep both with that added 25% defense or lose both.
  8. ah yes. sorry, I haven't been able to spend as much time thinking about this game as I would like. and that's my bad since it's such a big time investment for you guys too. but you're right. it's much more fair that way anyway. ridiculously enough, I just used random.org to do both dawh and SG's defenses this way just to see the results and they both got the block... so, it works out best for you guys the way things went down last night with them losing the shields since this way they would have kept them. sorry for the confusion. I'll keep it this way from now on though. Edit: I should have worded it "the shield drops an Attacker's kill % by 25%" that was how I intended it, but the way I wrote it was the way you just described. my bad. sorry again
  9. I think ST will be dropping out so I'll try to find a replacement. Anyone reading this who is not playing is welcome to join.
  10. OK, thanks. I'll try to get a replacement.
  11. ...If it gets out of hand I'll reduce its power
  12. hmm. not too much happening. <2 hours to go
  13. well, the trick is that a summoning can't be summoned 2 nights in a row and hephaestus can only make 1 per summoning. plus, he can't make one for zeus since actions can't be done to yourself. i still don't see the problem.
  14. itachi-san

    Do You YouTube?

    yeah, it's the typical self-destruction of anything that becomes popular. youtube will become what this video says it will and then other sites that already exist will become second generation youtube sites. youtube will attract new members with movies and tv shows and lose it's old members to the lesser-known sites which will grow in popularity, become as prosperous as youtube and then get taken over by disney only to make room for other lesser-known video hosting sites, and on and on and on...
  15. well I don't know about imba... you guys have/had 5 guesses at your disposal. that's pretty powerful if looked at from the other team's perspective
  16. that's good to hear be sure to take some probiotics when you're better
  17. yeah, it's a poor wording and I'm not really sure how to word it correctly even now . Basically, there was a 25% chance the shield wouldn't break at all and they would retain it. Luckily, you guys smashed threw both this last night, but there was no damage done to either player aside from them losing their shields.
  18. oh crap, my bad... it didn't even cross my mind that that wasn't clear enough. I figured that the character's wouldn't just toss them away sorry for not being clear enough though
  19. dawh had one from a while ago. it was from night 2
  20. guess #2 was correct. SG joins the ranks Edit: also just being clear: nobody has any Hephaestus shields now.
  21. aw, I hope you get well soon now I'm glad I didn't make your almost death in the game gruesome on a brighter note you guys now have PT = Diomedes in the BTSC Forum Edit: also, which Summoning do you want to lose Y-San? And correct guesses: Odysseus #1, #3 Nestor #1 ad #2 GJ!
  22. Night 6: Back to the Future, the Age of Heroes Inspired by the fire of Prometheus, Diomedes drew sword on SG. Above his head he raised his blade, fully thinking that SG would be no match for his mighty swing. Closing his eyes slightly as the blade crashed down on SG's shoulder, Diomedes pulled back at the sound of a wicked explosion of metal on metal. "No..." Diomedes thought as he looked down at the almost invincible shield of Hephaestus that was now cracked in two and clearly only made just recently as tonight. SG took the brief moment of confusion to make his escape. --- Poseidon's plans were laid in ruin by both the wisdom of Nestor and the cunning of Odysseus. Aphrodite's charm would go to waste on his killing intent for Odysseus had foreseen that the God of the Sea would try his luck at IDNE, while Nestor had foreseen that he would attempt to Summon Apollo. Dejected, Poseidon planted his Trident in the heavenly soil of Olympus and pouted until the Sun rose, knowing full well that it would set when it pleased, not when he pleased. --- Now having joined Impervious' side, Mnemosyne entered IDNE's mind, but what was he thinking? "Hmph! He musty have known I was planning this... he's only thinking about how to build a giant wooden horse of some sort... clever that one, to be able to think one way and act another. I'll need to be more careful from now on. ...However, nobody will see you coming." Mnemosyne spoke to a tiny sprite on his finger tips. The sprite then grew to its full form as one of her offspring with a most deadly talent. Melpomene: Of course dearest Mother. Send me on my way. With a gesture from the Titanesse, the Nymph flew at Y-San, hand extended and edged, and pierced right through her body. Y-San fell over, seemingly dead to the Nymph who left her, but shortly after that Y-San rose and a spirit within her that had taken the brunt of the attack speedily departed for Tartarus and was welcomed by Demeter. --- Hades, boosted by the wisdom of Nestor, fought a ferocious duel with dawh. Eventually, Hades managed to subdue his opponent, only to have his sword break as it finally destroyed the shield Hephaestus had given to him a while ago. Feeling vastly open to attack now, dawh did not retaliate, but instead escaped while he could. --- Roster: 1) Brandonb 2) dawh 3) grey cells 4) IDNE 5) Impervious 6) Kat 7) Prof. Templeton 8) SomeGuy 9) star tiger 10) Y-San
  23. I'm gonna take this as final. it's good. trust me
  24. just 1 per night as Y-San said before.
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