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  1. A dangerous fugitive named Johnny B Bad was just spotted in Riddle City. Max Power, the ace detective in Riddle was assigned to hunt him down and bring him in. The witness reported seeing a 5' 7" man with blond hair and green eyes who matched the wanted poster she saw. The witness was the famed Ima Neverwrong and as always she was not mistaken about anything she reported. "She's on the phone as we speak and claims to never have lost sight of him. And that we can be certain that she never will until you get there and see him for yourself." the chief told Max. Max took the case and told Chief
  2. yes. no correct answers so far btw
  3. nice one! I believe there is another logical solution but of course the intended one is more satisfying
  4. yea it's all itachi . the last one got distorted somehow so my last hint that doesn't give anything major away would be:
  5. no. the answer is more specific. also
  6. Probably not, though.... nope. nothing to do with anime although that is an interesting topic for future use the answer will be 100% obvious when solved. like I've said though, it does require specific knowledge so you are on the right track no. MissKitten is the closest so far. It's in the very broad ballpark at least
  7. here's what I thought. I think it may work just as well as the intended answer
  8. morningstar is correct you can even say
  9. interesting guesses, but none correct so far. if it helps, here is a slightly more insightful hint:
  10. No so far. If needed here are a couple hints. Nothing major that gives anything away:
  11. Years of torment I withstood Biding time as best I could But when my job was at an end I had lost my greatest friend One wished to join our mighty band But nothing went quite as he planned For few remained in airs of doubt And all were forced into a bout Of noble blood, but few could see What was my true identity But with the sun I was replaced So all could look upon my face
  12. hello. been a long time since I posted here. anyway great riddle. oddly enough I came up with another answer that I was sure was it, but when I checked the answer it was not. I probably prefer the intended answer, but here's what i thought:
  13. itachi-san

    thanks for the idea Riranor! my sketch book is actually getting pretty crumby. I should probably get a new one and start sketching again. I think you motivated me to do just that. I made an account today and posted some of my favorite sketches: my deviant art page
  14. itachi-san

    is there supposed to be a rule about manipulating the '$'? or am I just missing something? for instance, how do you ever get: $A$A11 like in the first sentence of the OP?
  15. itachi-san

    It's completely no big deal. If you ever get any strain of flu virus just take some Oscillococcium and some Gripp Heel and it will become a mundane bad cold and go away in about 2 days. ~you can quote me on that
  16. Is the title to this based on PHF? I'm guessing that it is. Awesome!
  17. itachi-san

    Right on. I stuck a fork in it. Great job though! You both certainly played on the highest level ...and were only really done in by the unforeseen betrayal
  18. itachi-san

    You guys won! Congrats! The Heroes have no chance left at winning so I figured why delay the inevitable? Great Job!
  19. Hades' treachery has left the Heroes in an impossible position The End Odysseus drew map after map, plan after plan, but scratched them all away in the dirt. Letting out a long sigh, he looked up at his fellow Heroes in exhaustion. "We need to pull back while we still have our lives." Diomedes' eyes widened in despair. "You cannot be serious! Retreat!? That's absurd. I refuse!" Odysseus calmly rose to his feet and clapped his old friend's shoulder. "There's a difference between dying justly and dying foolishly. And after that snake Hades deceived us, I'm afraid we're only left with the l
  20. itachi-san

    I agree with the your last sentence. I do think Hades deserves a taste of his own medicine, but you guys could very well not even kill him after a few nights of trying and that would be really bad. I won't end anything without you guys agreeing to it obviously, but I think that even 1 kill is going to b hard to come by now with the situation as it is. If you want, I can always beat up on Hades a little in the last post
  21. itachi-san

    Honestly, I can't see how you guys can win at this point, which is why I suggested ending the insurrection and leaving Mt. Olympus with your lives at least. Two things that also don't play in your favor: the next 2 nights, IDNE has only 2 guesses since the Eras will favor Zeus and/or you both will have 2 guesses. Plus, I might as well divulge this info, st is Mnemosyne, and the other team plans on just losing her and gaining a more powerful Indy. I stated when st and Y-San left the game that if either of them could be lost from a team those characters would be removed from the game. You guy
  22. itachi-san

    yeah, he's gone
  23. Kat = Demeter will soon have access to this Forum. Good job guys.
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