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    Haiku WAI

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    What am I? II

    Here's a collection of clues amassed so far... sorry I wasn't around for so long. yes that is correct. nice reasoning thanks =)
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    What am I? II

    Put me in front of an infant Who's just learned how to walk And they may have trouble getting by You can find me deep within ice But you've surely seen me recently Despite my noticeable lack the past few years I'm considered lucky But if I tip over You may never hear the end of it What am I?
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    What am I? II

    I don't have a logical reason, just a gut feeling. it's certainly a good answer and it follows the clues I've left well, but it doesn't fit all the lines. the answer is something completely different than anything guessed so far. I think this one has gone on long enough so here are 2 big hints. I have 1 more hint to reveal if needed, but it will surely end things.
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    What am I? II

    sorry. there's not too much I can say without completely giving it away. as I said before it's not an easy solve, but the answer itself is extremely simple. it's something everyone knows and has used countless times
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    What am I? II

    I don't think that fits for a few of the lines. nice try but it's not on the right track
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    What am I? II

    nope, but this is the false answer that i was trying to make the riddle sound like nope
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    I'm not a Romance of the Three Kingdoms

    aw thought I had it there...
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    What am I? II

    no but thanks for trying =) I kinda thought it would just die off...
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    A few logical cases

    some of these are old but I didn't find them in the search 1) A man lies dead in a large room. There is a chandelier attached to the ceiling and fancy artwork, sculptures and jewels all around. Near him there is a large window letting rays in, yet he was clearly not a vampire. What happened? 2) A man is returning home by train. If he was sitting in the non-smoking car he would have died. why? 3) A woman bought a new pair of shoes, went to work and died. why? 4) Two men enter a bar and order identical drinks. one lives, the other dies. neither had allergies or choked. what happened? 5) A woman has incontrovertible proof in court that her husband was murdered by another woman. The judge sat in wonderment and said: "I agree with the evidence, but this woman can't be punished" why did he rule that way?
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    What I Am

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    A Fine Bouquet

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    A Fine Bouquet

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    What I Am

    that last answer is hilarious
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    A few logical cases

    close Edit: 69th post lololol :D!!!!1111one111eleventyone #5 is correct yes. doesn't have to be that specific but yes anyway nope you're onto #4 it seems but I cant give you credit unless you post the answer. awesome answer for #2 I'll give you extra credit =) # 2: # 3: # 4: # 5: yes to all 5 =) good job guys just to clarify the answer to #5:
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    Too late…

  17. itachi-san

    I love all 4 of those =) in the vein of 'a scanner darkly', 'waking life' has a similar animation style and actually preceded it. it's very psychological and quite interesting as well. also, a very under known scorsese film is 'kundun' about the dalai lama. it's really excellent
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    Too late…

  19. itachi-san

    heh after I posted that I thought about him. and I also forgot to mention Kubrick, my favorite director of all time... such astounding films as 'a clockwork orange' 'Dr. Strangelove' 'the Shining' 'Eyes Wide Shut' and '2001' all arguably the best of their respective genres another director I find fascinating is takashi miike. I recommend 'audition' the most. it's not for the faint of heart though and it really sneaks up on you =) his work is so broad ranging from psychotic and sadistic yakuza flicks to westerns and family films. very interesting body of work
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    Improving Brain Power

    I'm not sure what your point is. you're assuming all cats have a pampering owner who chooses to do all that for the cat and allows the cat to do all these things. there are plenty of cats that don't have these luxuries and live their lives similar to a raccoon. even if we assume all cats live this way, it's not the cat's mental prowess that establishes and maintains this lifestyle. it's entirely contingent on the human and just luck on the cat's part really
  21. itachi-san

    anything by darren arnofsky or david lynch particularly 'the fountain' and 'mulholland dr.' terry gilliam is another great director 'fear and loathing' 'brazil' '12 monkeys' good call on 'who's afraid of virginia wolfe?' shakeepuddn! I love films that are nearly all dialogue with only a couple sets yet keep you entertained throughout. like '12 angry men' or 'stalag 17' or 'john carpenter's the thing' a movie I recently saw that is quite artistic and interesting is 'enter the void' - very unique perspective as well 'eternal sunshine of the spotless mind', 'being john malchovich', 'adaptation', 'the curious case of benjamin button', 'shutter island', 'event horizon' and its so well known but I still love 'the matrix' so much
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    Occupy Flash

    hey what's up! project phoenix ftw! def. gonna get back on that ride when the time is right =) and it will be in a year or two I do support Ron Paul to an extent but he takes things a bit too far imo. he's still the closest to my philosophy out there. everyone else seems corrupt or just plain stupid...
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    What's your favorite intellectual activity?

    creative writing for pure mental stimulation is for me for the build up, I like doing things that don't require as much thinking like reading and playing rpgs, or just something repetitive like exercise. when I'm done, my mind feels fresh and it all just flows out in my writing for hours without stopping