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  1. ok sweet =) I kinda see what you did there with the first word of it 1 more to go!
  2. since it hasnt been guessed yet, I'll say:
  3. very good answer! I actually love it! I don't quite think it works for lines 1 or 2 for this reason: still though it's highly arguable and I have no problem crediting you with an alternate answer. try to find the intended answer if you'd like here's a hint:
  4. itachi-san

    probably not much help but it's a play on marlon brando's famous quote in 'on the waterfront' where he states he 'coulda been a contender'
  5. nope. I don't think it fits all the lines. good guess though.
  6. ^ sounds good for talk smack possible answers: are the answers to subtractors plural, so 4 letter words essentially? or is that too much to ask for?
  7. you know what, forget it. I'm done with this. please troll elsewhere
  8. I'm always with my brothers Unless of course I finish last Or if I am ever needed For which I'll be ready fast You can find me lying down Or sometimes curled up really tight But if you see me when I'm full I'll almost surely be a sight!
  9. good to know you are assuming the moral high ground here... it's just a discussion/debate about a lateral thinking problem and no cause for this type of comment at all you just proved your own point to be incorrect. the word 'other' doesn't imply the same age. let's take a quick example from an awful movie (I'm not going to argue this, if you like the movie fine) but in star wars attack of the clones, all of the clones were made from one particular person's DNA. there were several groups of them all at different ages since they were created in waves. so if I took 2 clones out of the mix, one of age 16 and one of age 8 then I would have one clone and an 'other' clone of different age. also about the whole OP modification comment, it's a little insulting frankly. especially from someone claiming moral superiority... I gave thechad credit for the first solution and then wanted to see if I could get another solution. having a problem with this probably means you are taking things way too seriously. as for your solution you are implanting the word 'identical' into the OP and the whole explanation is very convoluted to be considered satisfying imo at least. but as I stated before you can solve this any way you like just like with all lateral thinkers. if you like your answer more than my approved one then congrats! be happy and move on please
  10. itachi-san

    that's pretty weak...
  11. itachi-san

    I need to check out this site when I get some more time later. these are pretty fun
  12. that's hilarious... so is there an official answer to #4? I'm not expecting gold here, but I would like to know what the expected answer was.
  13. v I thought this too, but it clearly doesn't fit all the lines. at least imo so another guess along these lines would be:
  14. yep just add his name before the last word of your answer to make it totally complete
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