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  1. 1) knowledge 2) a sieve 3) ??? no idea - I'm not a fan of the fire/smoke answer, but I guess that's it. Why can't fire be the mother? 4) umbrella 5) a question or a riddle (but they are still something when you know the answer)
  2. Harry's Mum isn't part of the question, it's just the 3 school kids
  3. itachi-san

    Nice one zdr I wonder what the mental process is that causes most people to divide the distance in half
  4. itachi-san

    Is the person constantly traveling North or does he find North once and then walk for 10 miles? If he is constantly going North, which is how I read this, then I can't make sense out of it. I believe the answer is meant to be the North Pole, but at some point in his travels he is not traveling North.
  5. History and one's life story (auto-biography) both have the same logical conclusion. They are happening as you write and therefore cannot be finished.
  6. yeah, it was a yawn. Was this too easy? If so, which line gives it away too much?
  7. Love the answers. Here's what I had in mind:
  8. This is an oldie, but it didn't show up on the search engine, so here goes: What can be written, but never finished?
  9. I just wrote this one, hope you like it. A most contagious affliction Not from the works of fiction Tired, you may not be Though it will take a hold of thee Overpowers, but leaves no trace Can spread across great space Stops speech and ends song But never lasts too long
  10. itachi-san

    Scraff, I read the responses. It's a rhetorical question. I mean to say that 'I won't go through every past riddle to make sure mine are 100% original.' I agree with what you say about senior members reading the same thing over and over, which is why i proposed a newbie section.
  11. itachi-san

    He is not asking whether the room is lit better with one or another... The guy would use the 240 watt bulb, because it costs more to use 4 fixtures over 1 fixture even though they add up to the same wattage.
  12. itachi-san

    you should take the word 'only' out, because you essentially are saying make: 'only one word', but you mean 'one word'.
  13. itachi-san

    I just joined this forum. Locking New Topics that have already been posted is a turn-off to newbies. Do you expect me to read through every past topic? Maybe you should make a new section for people that have been members for under a month or something.
  14. itachi-san

    The morgue is there.
  15. A man goes to a Home Products store to make a purchase for his house. He walks up to the clerk to ask about costs. The man asks: "How much for 6?", "3 dollars sir" replied the clerk. "Well, how much for 12?" "That will be 6 dollars, sir" "OK, then how much for 200?" "That's 9 dollars, sir." What is the man buying?
  16. [They usually refer to people as "hey, you".] hahah, people mostly refer to you as 'hey, you'?
  17. itachi-san

    bonanva was right, the saying is 'misery', not all these variations
  18. itachi-san

    SIX - if you can add a 'curved line' or if it has to be straight a line, then right through the center horizontally. The bottom half would look like a VI reflecting in water or a mirror.
  19. itachi-san

    She was the executioner, so it's her job.
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