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  1. Nana7 and YoDell are giving off scum tells left right and centre. And that's excluding the fact that they were both blocked/trapped on N1. Believe me, I know the old baddie strategy of witholding the block. They don't usually withold the spy though... And it doesn't make any sense to say they don't need the spy as they know who the goodies are and they don't have a RID kill. Yeah they give the baddies a spy just for decoration... See, faulty logic like that makes me get even more suspicious than I was before. Also, nana7 said both her and YoDell have given solid defences. Excuse me
  2. Yes, Aki can act in ways to draw suspicion to herself even when (especially when) she's good. Just forget everything she said as it was likely based on her gut feelings, not anything substantial. But I can't help noticing that you jumped to Yodell's defense and suspected Aki (me) and Zweefer. Zweefer was proven good, I'm good, Yodell appears bad. So how does that make you look? I know what you mean about Aki. Well, I am here to say that she is good. As I am taking over her role. I doubt we will have any tiffs; we're over that now. And you appear, at first glance to be on the same
  3. Auramyna

    And you can work out the rest from there...
  4. Auramyna

    mo - space cowboy some random guy - penile member
  5. Run outside to the bin where the walkie talkie is but do it quietly so the shopkeeper doesn't notice. Hopefully you will run into a policeman's arms on the other side of the door... If there's no police and the walkie talkie is dead, check for any signs the walkie talkie has been traced or the message retrieved, then go back inside and investigate again. Or hang on, go meet your friend cos she wanted to meet you to tell you something where your dads wouldn't hear. This could all be a setup just to give you practice solving a crime.
  6. Why does mafia attract n00bs? It's infuriating, and the worst are the over confident ones...

    1. EDM


      Oh, yeah...she actually got me very angry...that to within 20 mins of chatting with her!!! >:(

      No other member/newbie/noob has gotten me this angry on the first meeting.....>:(


    2. Molly Mae

      Molly Mae

      I hate inflated egos, as well.

      To think that someone like that could compare to the likes of me! I am a god in my own right. It just comes so natural to me that I could do it in my sleep...


      We are talking about cuddling kittens, right?

    3. Auramyna


      I'm sorry (apologising on my own profile): I have to say this cos I think it everytime I read this but- what about inflated boobs?

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  7. I don't know. I would assume you're correct, especially as others may not be in the BTSC yet. But Molly will explain. Something tells me a mafia this complex might not gel with BD players. Quick, get the MMers over here! This is borderline too complex for me (but in mafia, nothing is impossible, i.e - I will forge ahead and make myself follow the plot!)
  8. So there are no lynch sequences? Do the players get to know where they start? I.e- do I, personally, get to know where I start? Do we get any updates on who is where at any point during the game?
  9. @Klue - you are confusing RID guess with recruiting. RID guess works separately, doesn't affect the recruit percentage and doesn't require LOS. Only abilities that need LOS are those specified in the RDs. I have the same qu as Klue about movements. Eg- a spy needs to be on the same hex as their target. (The ones who have it as a role ability, not those starting spy sequences.) How is the spy supposed to work out what spot to move to? They would have to move and then take a lucky guess as to who might or might not be on their spot? Can they just move and then spy on whoever is on thei
  10. Host = Molly Mae 5. maurice 7. Auramyna Fill in the blanks... HPY3 has started so let's go! Is this before or after TMM? And then is Sholay after this one and TMM?
  11. Auramyna

    Dumbledore: Shadow7 McGonagall: TheCube 1. MiKi 2. Zweefer 3. Thalia 4. Nana7 5. KlueMaster 6. Akriti 7. Medji 8.kaniac 9. Anon26 10. yoDell 11. curr3nt Backups 1. Auramyna
  12. Auramyna

    ZOMG, I am so upset I missed the signups so you can count me in as a backup for sure.
  13. Auramyna

    Just confirming that I will co-host with Klue. We are trying to make it so there's more hosting coverage as Klue sleeps and works. (I am an android so do neither.) We'll co-ordinate with Molly as to when he wants to run Coup of Rhotus. Depending on who is playing in both TMM and Sholay, we could overlap with TMM as Molly is hosting both TMM and Coup of Rhotus. So it depends if it's a good idea to have 2 running. And Molly's Coup of Rhotus has right of way on the BD queue...
  14. Alternate responses 1) Good, that means you're doing it right! 2) Welcome to the club! You now know how we feel. 3) It's too late! You can't turn back now!
  15. My hint was that I kept using the word "clues" as I was a detective. @Thalia and Molly - I knew who you two were, I just had your roles swapped. That's why, when I said if the little black bird does his poop on the right guys head, I meant if Crow mods HG's vote. In any case, I knew Molly was a vote manipper. @TheCube and Hidden G - You guys could have counterclaimed Flamebirde, (you could have even claimed a vote manip or vanilla role), killed me so I couldn't RID kill, bothered to vote!, used your vote manip. Most of these things you should have done at the very least (especially vo
  16. If the RID killer dies, their RID kill still goes through as per Aaryan's reply to my question im PMs. NK is not a blocking kill. RID kill is a blocking kill and is unblockable. Edit- so if the baddie and the RID killer targeted each other, that would mean the baddie dies and the RID killer lives, according to what Aaryan told me.
  17. Auramyna

    Newbie Mafia

    Hosts: Molly Mae & Anon26 1. Petrus 2. tolecnal 3. Elfen 4. TheCube 5. mboon 6. Slick 7. Zweefer 8. km1 9. Bong A. Artificial B. Nana7 Backup: 1. Hidden G 2. Aaryan 3. Auramyna Added myself as a backup in case of disasters. Also willing to be a mentor if needed.
  18. This is when TheCube first twanged my baddie radar: I know right? I am waiting for some evidence from someone to see who the baddies are. Thats why I posted that. | | \/ And then this: The baddies just always have to respond, don't they? They can't just let things go.
  19. That wasn't really a "hint" as such. More of an "exclude all roles except his own in one fell swoop." Hey, btw c3, your post rhymes. Flame do you stand by your claim? Do you have any shame when you're singing in the rain
  20. Yeah. I get you. Hence why I said if Morwenna wasn't a n00b. It's just the principle of the matter. Goodies are supposed to help. (And this isn't directed at c3 cos he came back and tried to vote.)
  21. Well...... Hidden G certainly stayed hidden.................. for about a minute @ Baddies-
  22. Yokey dokey. Comin' right up. And I wasn't stressing Molly, I have faith in you. It just annoys me that at a time like this, goodies don't vote. If morwenna was a n00b or the baddies weren't, we would have been in trouble...
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