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    Newbie Mafia

    Just to give a user-friendly summary: It is made up of "day" and "night" cycles which take 24+ hours each. At night, anyone with actions uses them by PMing the host, during the day we all discuss and vote who we want to "lynch". Whoever is lynched dies and is removed from the game, and we find out their role. Anyone who is killed at night (by whoever has the kill power), their role is NOT revealed (but they are removed from the game.) People have roles such as save a player, spy a players role, sometimes there is block a players action. Other people are "vanilla townies" and do not have a night action, but get to vote during the "day" cycle. The baddies know who each other are and can discuss and strategise privately behind the scenes. The goodies only know their own role and don't know who the other goodies are. During the day, goodies AND baddies converse on the forum, all pretending to be goodies, and trying to put blame on each other while deciding who to vote out. It is a game of trickery and deception but also of logic. By reading the day and night posts (made by the host, saying what actions were done on who), you can eliminate people as being certain roles. Also, when we are voting to lynch someone, people who are close to being lynched will come up with defences which can give intended and unintended information. The goodies win if all the baddies are dead and the baddies win if all the goodies are dead. That is a summary of the basic way to play it. As for time investment, at a minimum you should log on once a day and post but preferably a few posts or more a day. Over the "night" period (which covers a real time day and night, or sometimes longer), you only need to PM your action to the host. Depending on the game, sometimes there is posting during the "night" cycle and sometimes not. In my signature is the link to the Newbies guide to Mafia, also linked by Hirkala and also stickied on the games forum. P.S - It is very addicting!
  2. Please curr3nt, we need you to sign up as non-backup! I've been waiting for a-a-ages for this game! (Okay, maybe a couple of weeks....but that's a long time for a newfound mafia addict!) Anyone else reading this, you are welcome to sign up. Go to the link in my signature to see how it is played. It's really fun! And you don't have to know a thing about Harry Potter, or even like him. It's a game of trickery, kind of like murder in the dark but on a forum... or something.
  3. Auramyna


    Waiting...waiting... Will someone else sign up or confirm...or something.
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  5. Either great minds think alike or that really is the answer. I thought I was unique in that cheeky answer coming to mind! But you all beat me to it!
  6. Auramyna

    Pretty sure Dej Mar guessed this way back in post #5:
  7. Auramyna

    I think the question needs to be clarified as it is not clear what it is asking. Does all possible NUMBER mean 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7? How many people she has shaken hands with depends on whether you include the bartender and/or the husband, and if we say that all possible numbers are accounted for, then one person shook hands with 0 people, so that brings the answer down by one number. It seems too easy, that she has shaken hands with 6 people (as the OP said not with her own husband) plus or minus the bartender and the person who shook 0 people's hands. It is meant to be a brainteaser so there must be more to it than that. And so I think the question is not clear. Look at bonanova's signature, I can't recall the words but something to do with the question needing to be defined as the starting point of a good brainteaser. The hardest part of this brainteaser is working out the ambiguous question.
  8. I just meant that I can imagine co-hosting for the first time could be like "Aaaah, information overload!!"
  9. JK Rowling: Shadow7 Random House: Akriti 1. PEACE 2. nox 3. Aaryan 4. Q-Cumber 5. yoDell 6. Thalia 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. Auramyna 13. Segul Backup 1. 2. 3. Backup of backup 1. curr3nt Sounds good, can't wait I hope you enjoy your first co-hosting experience, Akriti. And hopefully, we won't give you a headache!
  10. Auramyna

    Newbie Mafia

    If it had to be for complete newbies, I'll have to wait ages to get a game. As long as the skill level is relatively equal it should be fine. C'mon guys, sign up. Let's kick off another game! Edit: Anyhow, at least we know people will participate/ be active.
  11. That's the same way I would have figured it out. Re- inequality in Population/EV, It goes from 677344/EV for California to 187875/EV for Wyoming. (3.6 times less influence for each Californian.) And the average for the whole country is 573881. So the lower pop states are getting a lot more influence than the larger ones. Then let's just say, for arguments sake, that Wyoming had a low turnout on voting day, each voter is influencing an even larger fraction of each Electoral Vote. Any system where someone can lose even with 78% of the votes, unarguably needs to be looked at and revised a little! And let's remember: if the smaller states have a lower turnout percentage-wise than the larger states, a candidate could win with even less than 22% of the vote! Of course this would only work if the smaller states were voting for the less popular candidate. There are many political wisecracks I could make here but I don't want to start a debate. So all I will say is I'm glad I live in Australia!
  12. Can't wait for Trainer Manual Mafia 3!

  13. And if you LACTATE BRAN you don't need any lactase! (Or the drinker doesn't.)
  14. Auramyna

    Newbie Mafia

    Newbie mafia Signups 1. The son of rage and love 2. Psychosmurf 3. Akriti 4. Kokiri971 5. mangamathsfreak 6. Auramyna 7. 8. 9. 10. I followed the Trainer Manual Mafia II game and read bits and pieces of other Mafias and FAQs so thought I'd take the plunge...
  15. What about: 40 W in a P 4 L on a D 5 F on a G 6 S on a D
  16. Auramyna

    Is it something to do with a window cleaner or painter or some other type of contractor that stands on one of those contraptions on the outside of buildings?
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