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  1. Ok, I know crow can fix this but still... Goodies have no reason not to vote. Flamebirde and Hidden G: whichever of you is good, vote for thecube. He is bad, okay? Just trust us, it's not up for question anymore.
  2. Yep, although it would be nice if the goodies could vote otherwise this will go into the next cycle. And if we get left w/out our kill, it's going to be harder to get rid of these guys. E.g- no baddie gets lynched then tonight skul RIDs wrong, then we're left w/ their vote manip still alive and controlling our lynches while we can't kill at night. Just vote, guys!!!! It's beyond me why goodies don't vote. This is the goodies kill, and they don't want to use it. This is why mafia on BD shits me.
  3. As long as the little black birdie does his poop on the right guy's head, we're good.
  4. Sorry I wasn't here to answer your qu's before. Thankyou Shadow for clearing me. I see you understand my reluctance before. The hint I picked up from Thalia was whwn she put everything in lists 1, 2, 3. So I thought she might be the vote manipulator (or vote mod). I don't know if that was her role but let's proceed on the basis that we've lost our vote manip, to be safe. I'm not sure what HG meant about me going for those who lay low. Baddies often lie low to avoid attention. I always go after that as a goodie, probably as a baddie too. That's what normal goodie behaviour is so i
  5. @ molly- oh well in that case, maybe we should have left our votes on HG. It only just clicked with me that TC was blocked. It would have been nice if we could figure out a RID for SP to target cos that way we get a baddie killed over night not just in the days. I think TC is playing inactive... I'll leave my vote where it is until I hear a good defence from TC or anyone else who can clear him.
  6. The thing is Hidden G has gone to bed. Pls change my vote to cube as he is here to talk.
  7. Ok, well at least Molly is cleared. It's just that it would have been a great baddie plan to block NS N1 as some ppl would have forgot NS couldn't be blocked etc etc and it just sounded like something momo and moma would cook up. But I'm glad we could clear you, moma. Molly, obviously your hint can't be that bad if we didn't pick up on it. I'll go back and have a look. Btw, did you pick up any of my hints? Can the next person to post the roster pls add my vote to HiddenG? altho I am still suspicious of TC.
  8. Wh bother playing then? This is the game. Holding back info is what makes you look suspicious. Any kind of on-topic talking will help, it doesn't have to be about your role. The more people talk, the more little bits of info you give away and later, when we know more, we can look back and hold each other to these bits of info, giving away the baddies. We can talk about suspicions and how we reached those suspicions. E.g- by logic not just gut feeling; gut feeling and randomness are for Day 1. Well, Molly hasn't said much. I didn't pick up on anything that could clear him. Obv if he'
  9. Sounds like a good plan to me. @s7- no, I was not reluctant to kill mo. I was trying to get him to speak as I knew he was bad, I wanted to see what other info I could get before he died. Also wanted to see who would defend him. If I were bad, I wouldn't have pointed out that the baddies might flash vote and requested curr3nt put a vote on mo and the vote manips heavy a vote on mo. C3, you got my hints didn't you? Anyhow, I'm happy for you to spy me. It'll be a bit of a waste but once we get the 2nd to last baddie, we should be ok getting the last one anyhow. Either way, it doesn't
  10. S7, have you not got any of the clues c3 and I have left? You, me, c3 and Thalia are the cleared goodies (and whoever your partner is but we don't know that). I thought you knew...
  11. Lol, i started typing up my post b4 i saw ur qu s7. Not sure why you would want to block me or c3 or molly. If molly is bad, he will be killed w/ a blockng kill tonight. There is no point blocking me as I'm good. C3 shouldn't be blocked for obvious reasons. Actually I recall Aaryan saying goodie block only affects baddie spy and block, so it probably doesn't affect vote manip.
  12. Well, that was obvious. The moment has passed but I still want to say this: HiddenG, how could you have said that it was a possibility both c3 and mo could be good? If you were paying attention, it was obvious it could only be one or the other. People need to pay attention to the thread. C3- yeah but whatever molly's idea was for that vote, he left it too late to get any type of reaction. Altho on a more active game it might have got some result. I really hope skulduggery is paying attention and tries a RID kill on moma as Nefarian cos then if he's good, we can clear him. Then we hav
  13. Well there you go. Case in point. (I wrote my above post b4 i saw molly change his vote.) Molly, I was 50/50 on you. Now I'm more like 80/20. Altho for you to be good, you'd have to be dumb so idk about that 20%... You would've been better off letting mo go, and lying low. Now we know 2 baddies. I doubt your going to get the numbers to vote off c3, you should've started this earlier... Vote manips- vote mo not c3 (still open for momo or moma to convince me otherwise....)
  14. Curr3nt, if you believe mo is bad, chuck a vote on him. And goodie vote manips should use all their weight. The reason being: if 2 baddies are voting mo and flash vote off him, plus Nefarian votes x2, we end up with a tie. Okay, that means no lynch BUT if just one goodie has 2nd thoughts and moves off mo, we have left the lynch in baddie hands. So, just be aware of what could happen. If Skulduggery is paying attention to this thread, and mo ends up bad, the goodies could very well end up winning. @Skul- read very carefully what ppl have said and the night post. If mo turns up bad, you
  15. C3- in your scenario of if you're a baddie, you started off saying you'd have to be NS then ended up saying you'd be the vote manip. Or were you saying "worse case scenario if you were ST"? Also, as I've repeatedly explained, I was not suggesting mass outing D1. It is like what Molly said; you get a web of people who can trust each other and start working together. Additionally, if people leave the correct types of hints, only the goodies can narrow it down. Eg - if you narrowed yourself down to 2 goodies, the other goodie knows which one you are. As for S7 outting herself, this is t
  16. OMG, I just realised, our birthdays are on the same day, but 15 years apart! Wow. Although I just realised, since I'm in Australia, we're more than half a day ahead. I was born at approx 3pm tho, so still same day in US.

  17. Nope, it is a base avatar you can choose on brainden, cos I couldn't upload from my ipod.
  18. I'm in Group C... Ok, thinking of it another way. They can only kill one of us per night. We are all worried that once they know our role, we'll be so important they'll kill us off. But if we narrow people down, we can get our RID killer to kill one at night, and lynch one during the day w/ our vote manips, while they can only pick us off one each night. Even in 3 night cycles time, they have only killed 3 more of us. Do you want to make it double that, due to lynches? See, so info is in our favour. If they had a RID kill, they could double up on kills if they knew our roles. But th
  19. Oh hang on, it's a scum wekend. *phew* Ok, so: @Thalia, I'll assume that wasn't a hint then? I think we're talking about the same post(s). @FB and others- No, I don't want anyone outting themself. What I was saying is if we read up on our characters, not only can we hint but also pick up on others hints especially if people claim our roles. Why else have people been saying they need to read the book, if not to give and pick up hints? See, once a few people know each other are good, they can trust each other and work together. Until then, the baddies have all the knowledge and all the
  20. If the deadlne isn't up, move me to mo. If not, then I apologise, I slept through. @Goodies - don't worry if this lynch goes sour. At least we know more than we did before.
  21. I just can't believe the amount of people in this topic who have asked for an explanation when so many have already been given, and asked to be proven wrong when they have already been proven wrong. Can people not count up to 3? One of the reasons it has to be consecutive is because we are looking for the MAXIMUM amount of people. Once you get above 518 people, the amount of inhabitants is equal to the amount of hairs, so there cannot be any more legal inhabitants of the town.
  22. Okey dokey. Hope we're both still here tomorrow. (oh it's a scum weekend, well whatever.)
  23. Okay, but I think we should try to ferret out some more baddies today. I am 50/50 on mo. I just don't know :shrug: Prove me wrong mo, please!
  24. Ok, well who should we focus on as possible baddies then?
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