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  1. Also, if mo is cleaver, that gives our RID kill a target for tonight (one he otherwise won't have.) We can now use this lynch to ferret out crappy defences from the baddies.
  2. Ofc they are looking for hints but how are the goodies supposed to work out who to target? How about the RID kill goes for Mo as Cleaver tonight, then. What I am saying here is vote for whoever you want at the end of the day, but during the day, the normal practise is to hear from everyone. Sheesh, you've been playing mafia longer than me, haven't you? You know this. The more you go against info gathering, the more I think you are bad, curr3nt...
  3. But how are the three people you mentioned supposed to know how to target their actions if we have no idea who the baddies are? Seriously? What do you think we should do? Moving your votes around and hearing from everyone is what you do on Day 1. This is how you ferret out the baddies. And there is a huge difference between outing yourself and giving pieces of info or hinting vaguely. You do it without announcing it. You put it into your posts so it sounds like normal conversation.
  4. @FB - I was talking about the whole site. Reading up on your character so you can hint. @curr3nt - People can use knowledge of their character to subtly hint. It's not like you have to say "HINT: [insert hint here]" You weave it in so that only those who are combing carefully will see it, so it doesn't matter . But I see what you mean about role limiting hint. Why would I vote for mo when the only way he can hint any more is to straight out state his role? He has given info that we can look back on later and hold him to. Others have said nothing. We need to hear from everyone.
  5. I don't know about mo but I am not a baddie. It is a normal practise for the goodies to D1 information gather. I don't know where everyone else is. How else do you think we are supposed to work out who the baddies are? By ESP? Talking is the only way! We don't have time to spy each night. By that time, the game is lost. I have given a few clues to my identity, and I really don't want to die tonight. What about all these people who are lying low?
  6. Check this out. We don't need outing, we need subtle hints. SUBTLE HINTS!
  7. I gave my reason. Day 1 information gathering. If we mislynch on D1 and have no clear target for N2, we will find it extremely hard to recover.
  8. I was referring to when I asked if you had a partner, cos before you said youwere a goodie but some of us already know that. Anyhow, I get what you're saying about not voting. You can help me get info and abstain at the end of the cycle if you want. Everything I think of to say I delete as I don't want to be killed tonight. I don't care who the goodies are, I just want to figure out who the baddies are and the only way is to rule out the goodies.
  9. Yes I see what you are saying but that's also the excuse I use whenever I'm a baddie (not wanting to narrow down roles for baddies.) I wasn't asking anyone to out themselves. I just think we need to give as much info as possible so we can narrow this down. Just re-reading your posts, I am leaning towards pressuring others for now. So curr3nt, if you are good, help me pressure people as the goodies will lose if we don't get some info. We need people to make statements they can't back out of later, not out themselves. I have given hints. I can narrow mo down to one of two roles, goin
  10. @curr3nt - do you really think that not voting helps the goodies? We need to get off to a good start on day 1 by gathering as much info as possible. If we don't figure out a baddie on D1 or N2, we are stuffed. Also, what do you have to say for yourself? Edit- I thought you had hinted at a certain role but you denied it so you'll be the next one I vote for after FB unless I see something that changes my mind...
  11. That doesn't really explain or answer the question (blockING kill). And I'd like to hear from the host, hence the red type.
  12. Can I just ask: what is the point of goodie block then? It blocks baddie block? Also, why is NK so far down on the OOA if it can't be blocked and it's a blocking kill?
  13. But Molly was blocked and Nefarian Serpine acted...
  14. Host: Aaryan 1. TheCube - voting for Thalia 2. Hidden G 3. Flamebirde 4. Shadow - voting for maurice 5. Thalia 7. Auramyna - voting for flamebirde 8. maurice - voting for flamebirde 9. Molly Mae - voting for Hidden G A. curr3nt - not voting B.(Other)Medji - voting for maurice DEAD: 6.Anon26 - disintegrated by Serpine Got Thalia's hint. If Shadow has a partner, and mo isn't Cleaver then there is only one goodie he could be. Unless i am reading this totally wrong. No, sorry, one baddie, one goodie. Give me some sort of sign, mo. I'd rather rule you out so we can work to
  15. I take it Thalia's hint requires reading the book? Wow, this is going to be hard for me. And I'm one of the goodies, so I kinda need to get the hints. I don't understand anything you guys are on about at the moment but I have one thing to add: TheCube: Just because someone is blocked, doesn't mean they aren't the Cleaver. That is a comon baddie tactic; to block yourself.
  16. Okay fine. Move my vote to Thalia, please.
  17. You haven't received your role yet? Because Aaryan has been very quick w/ answers to questions so :shrug: I was actually about to vote shadow before mo did but quoting Thalia's post wouldn't give me the roster. I'm not satisfied. Please add my vote to shadow, for the time being, while I process this.
  18. That would be totally unfair to everyone who hasn't been informed of the new deadline! Good choice :phew: Also, as much as I'd hate to agree w/ mo, Stop interfering in the players' WiFOM! They weren't metagaming, they were reaction-seeking. (Ok, not wifom but mind games, then.) Don't cut off our avenues of inquiry, it's all we've got left!
  19. A lot of seemingly posts are actually game based. You need to read below the surface. People write things that seem to be off hand comments but actually have hidden meanings related to the game itself. The most basic comments can have another few layers of meanings. Having said that, @all- can we keep our off topic comments to game related things? I.e - talk about anything we want but only if it's for the purpose of the game (i.e - WiFOMing, hinting or putting across a certain underlying message). Otherwise I go looking for hints where there are none I don't think so. Usua
  20. Something tells me this is copied from the wiki. (The wiki you so faithfully maintain, mind you.) EDIT - And I figured that before I got to the part about "See Doctor"
  21. What are the physicalities or ergonomics of bowing before yourself? And being a grasshopper, I would rather jump than run, but meh.
  22. Did you hear that, guys? Nope, you will have to learn how to let go of how you want the story to go, lest you be sorely disappointed.... EDIT - stupid smileys .
  23. Well then, you're certainly not going to like the !
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