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  1. Sakura - you are not making sense. Either you are a baddie and deliberately misunderstanding mojo's outing of himself, OR you are just plain stupid. Go learn some reading comprehension skillz, and maybe do another Trainer Manual Mafia, this time learning the base rules, and then come back and play with the big boys.
  2. Players: 1. Bong 2. Flamebirde 4. Akriti 5. tolecnal 6. Sakura-chan 7. Aura - voting for Sakura-Chan 8. maurice - trapped in his apartment by Mr. Bliss 9. KlueMaster 10. curr3nt - voting for Aura 11. darth nox 12. Thalia 13. TheCube 14. Shadow7 15. DarthMask Random org, Schmandon org. The night post was uber suspicious and yet you are going to pressurise me? I refuse, REFUSE to give away my role on Day 1. What I think is that the baddies deliberately refrained from using their actions in order to frame whoever gets trapped or blocked. That is a pretty wacky thing to do (i
  3. Better not to clog up the game thread with one word "confirming" posts; do it in your role thread (or your btsc ) This game looks really cool and fun. I hope it lives up to expectations.
  4. Psssst, Aaryan and Nana, "randomise" the roles the way you did in Skulduggery 1 oops, signed up twice, LMAO (or iow, LAMO!)
  5. Auramyna

    One Up Me

    I love school so much that, as a kid, the last night of the school holidays was worse than Christmas Eve!
  6. Auramyna

    One Up Me

    To get herwe, can have unprotected sex with a speech impedimented hooker. *shrug*
  7. Hey Anonzical. How's "things"?

    1. Auramyna


      Don't compare yourself to others. For Dog's sake, if you were my son, I would be happy as long as you do your best and get at least a C. A B would be thumbstfup and an A would be *OMFG*

      I went through my childhood being a perfectionist and it didn't get me anywhere except disiliiusioned as an adult. So keep it real; you are not defined by your grades.

    2. Anon26


      But people are dissapointed... my teachers, parents...

      they thought of me as A* student...

      I myself am not feeling real bad.. but it is not me... it is they....

    3. Auramyna


      I am not disappointed in you and if they are, they are ridiqlius :angry:

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  8. Hey Glyc, howzit going? Haven't seen you around much as of late.

  9. Hey, man! What's up in your neck of the woods? I love your member title, it's inspired. I'm going to make mine "penile member" Do you think rook1e would mind? (@ rook1e- I'm kidding.)

  10. Today I saw my curtains move, and I SO HOPED it wasn't the wind.

  11. Players: 1. Bong 2.Flamebirde 3.LJ 4. Akriti 5. 6. 7. Aura 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. TheCube 14. 15. 16. Backups: 1. Thalia 2. 3.
  12. *pssst* When most of the mafia players play on MafiaManiac, the games going on there certainly do affect your signups. This is why the mafia community that spans the two sites has the google doc timetable. The co-ordination that results helps everyone; hosts, players, and makes for a better game (less inactivity due to lengthy/early signups or due to too many games running at once.) Through trial and error, we've developed a system that works.
  13. Auramyna

    One Up Me

    That's a very simple question with a highly complex answer.....
  14. Auramyna

    Sholay Mafia

    Next time, can you state the day? Because you posted that at 2:30 a.m today, my time. And I only just realised that you posted it a couple of hours prior to midnight in your time. I hope I have interpreted this correctly. Day Post will be posted in about an hour and a half.
  15. Auramyna

    One Up Me

    I knew it was time to go when I was already there. (Dw, I don't expect people to get it.) Edit: and only one of the various meanings is related to AC-DC.
  16. Shocking confession: I just realised you were not on my friends list! :o

  17. Auramyna

    Sholay Mafia

    I wanna know who the baddies are too! *goes to check Baddie BTSC* I am "Officially Most Un-involved Co-host EVAR!!!!11" (All Glory Be To KlueMaster, please accept my humble obeisances.)
  18. Auramyna

    Sholay Mafia

    There wasn't a great deal of discussion required on this point. You see, there wasn't much these villagers knew if they didn't know this for sure, Miss Kitten was most definitely a Baddie™!!1!1!eleventyleven "Here. You light the fire while I organise the refreshments." said an unmentioned member of the lynch mob. By the time, the away team had returned with the decorations, there was a whole crowd of very curious bystanders, jostling and pushing to see the most juiciest thing since last weeks production of Monkey Love: The Musical™ The crowd lifted MiKi up over their heads and for a m
  19. Auramyna

    Sholay Mafia

    Final Roster Hosts: KlueMaster and Auramyna Players: Z. flamebirde - voting for Miki 1. MiKi - voting for Anon 2. Anon26 - voting for Miki 3. Bong - voting for Nana7 4. Akriti - DEAD - Killed by Gabbar 5. Zweefer - Miki 6. Thalia - abstaining 7. Nana7 - Miki 8. darth nox - DEAD - Killed by Gabbar 9. Hirkala - voting for flamebirde X. yoDell - voting for flamebirde Day Post Coming Up
  20. Auramyna

    Sholay Mafia

    Just a note to say Voting will close 1 hour later than usual today. And the day post will be up within the following hour. SO, day cycle ends at 9:30 AM IST = 12:00 PM EDT Day post will likely be up by 12:30 latest if AllGoesToPlan™ for your understanding. >>Aura<<
  21. @ nana- in a game with so many inactives, i don't think voting patterns are too reliable. See, I'm thinking the baddies block killed on the first night. And then self blocked on the 2nd night. So that would mean Cube is the block, but if cube is block, i'd think anyone could be the other baddies; i wouldn't narrow it down like you have. If you narrow things down prematurely over some random voting pattern, you can end up getting off the trail of the real baddies. Best to keep an open mind. I'm leaving my vote. I am in two minds whether to vote tol or cube but as it appears like a sel
  22. Auramyna

    Sholay Mafia

    Thalia is replacing Medji. Thanks Aura
  23. 1. Aaryan - Killed by baddies 2. tolecnal - voting for Darth Nox 3. Nana7 - voting for Aura 4. TheCube - voting for tolecnal 5. mboon - Killed by baddies 6. Slick - Lynched D1 (Found out to be Robert Menzies ) 7. Darth Nox - voting for tolecnal 8. Aura voting for TheCube 9. Bong - voting for TheCube A. Araver - voting for tolecnal Haven't heard much from Cubie and what I have heard hasn't really settled my mind.
  24. First, you definitely outed yourself. (Well, we assume.) Second, the spy may have been inactive and not put an action in. Third, the save may have saved Bong rather than Bong self saving. I agree that yours are the more common conclusions but it is totally possible and even probable, going by the events of this mafia, that one or both of no. 2 and 3. are the case. Therefore, yes you did out all the power roles. What about if the baddies didn't analyse the post like we did? Maybe they hadn't realised any of this. But you laid it out on a platter for them. I can't help thinking WHY?
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