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  1. The problem is, you put your foot in your mouth in HPY3 as a baddie, throughout the game, despite your team mates telling you to stop. So this is what bothers me; that you didn't learn. Anyone can make mistakes but when you keep doing the same thing after I've witnessed other people pointing it out, and when it affects your team, it's not right.
  2. Auramyna

    I'll twy my best, I pwomise!
  3. Auramyna

    Okay, count me in XD But I might be a dead weight. :shrug:
  4. Fact of the Day: you were born 21 years and 7 days after mow. Idk if that makes you young or him old. *ponders*

    1. Auramyna


      Do you wanna be my son on the MM family tree that we made?

    2. Anon26
    3. Auramyna


      It's just a fake family tree, with all the older members being mothers n fathers n aunties n uncles etc. and the yoinger ones are brothers n sisters n cousins. Once you're on the family tree, you can't go back. It's like the mafia! :duh: it IS mafia. It's like the mafia playing mafia! And that's srsly intense!

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  5. I just realised your birthday is 4 years and 4 days after mine :D

  6. Lately I really feel like I'm in a teenager mentality. Not that it's a bad thing... I'm enjoying it.

  7. Auramyna

    Sholay Mafia

    I want to highlight Note 2. and 3. from Klue's post: 2. N1 cut-off Tuesday 8:30 AM IST = Monday 11:00 PM EDT [Post will be made 30 mins after the cut-off]. 3. If we see any role outing from goodies, we may chose to do a mod-kill or grant an additional RID Kill to baddies. If you are not sure of your hint, please confirm with us before you post it here. Seeing as note 1. was "please confirm in your ROLE THREAD" , I thought I should highlight note 3. as if you out your role or use a strong hint, there will be consequences. PM us in your role thread if you are unsure about your hint
  8. @Nana7 - now that Slick turned up good, that puts your whole "slick, aura & tolecnal are baddies" theory up the creek. Seriously.... What Slick said about you rushing in full thrust is so true. And OOC - I would suggest you not host until you get the hang of playing. Unless of course you are a baddie. In which case, all your posts were just bs baddie talk (and I retract my last statement.) But even then, you didn't think ahead to what would happen once Slick got cleared, implicating you as decidedly bad. And probably implying that you have put blame on those not in your btsc. I
  9. Auramyna

    Sholay Mafia

    Roles being sent out now. Could everyone please confirm in your role thread. This game requires everyone to be active a minimum of once or twice a cycle. So please, don't let your team mates down. Looks like a good group of players so good luck and I'll just go get me some Edit: Klue beat me to it
  10. 1. Petrus 2. tolecnal - 3. Nana7 - voting for Slick 4. TheCube - voting for tolecnal 5. mboon - Killed by baddies 6. Slick - voting for Aura 7. Zweefer 8. Aura - voting for Petrus 9. Bong - voting for Slick A. Artificial Added Slick's vote. As kristmarks's mentor, I am replacing him due to the mafia policy on inactivity ( ) @ Slick - please remove your vote from me as it is not my fault he was 100% inactive. My night role is vanilla but during the day, the goodies need all the votes they can get. So as I'm highly active, it's not a good idea to lynch me. I am a bit sceptica
  11. Auramyna

    I'm the same with people interrupting me. I hate it when I wait for another gap and start my sentence again, and get interrupted again! Especially cos it takes a second to remember what I was saying. I also have the weakness of intolerance of n00bs. I know it's wrong but it's a weak spot of mine. Luckily the people on this site are pretty intelligent so instead, I feel like the n00b. So welcome to this site; I hope you stick around. And you should check out this game we play, mafia. Links to explanations are in my signature. (Unreality brought it to BD a while back and it's been a
  12. Auramyna

    On ipods and iphones, if you go right down the bottom of the page, there is a link that says "full version". Pressing this puts it in non-mobile version so you can open spoilers.
  13. @ Aki - he knows I was killed N2. He's saying no action appeared in the night post for me. As trap is at the head of the OOA, and NK is non blocking (I think!?!), the trap should've gone through. However, I trapped Nana7 who died so it didn't appear. @KM- I think you meant to say "Aura didn't appear to submit an action." I trapped nana as I was trying to confirm her guilt. If I could confirm that, I could trace it back and implicate Yodell as a baddie too (due to the links between them and due to nana's posts.) This game is the most goodie-like I have seen you act as a baddie (and pro
  14. Yeah, molly answered that way, way at the start of the thread. (Way, wa-a-a-ay back there.)
  15. Auramyna

    As Klue said, we will start after TMM V reaches N2. Seeing as TMM is about to begin (roles are out etc.), by the time this fills up, it will be time to begin. So, go ahead and sign up! With only 6 places left, positions could fill fast, once word gets out...
  16. What are you doing in a Newbie Mafia, Slick? Do you need a mentor? (jk)
  17. @YoDell - sorry if I misconstrued your tone of voice; it was just the. ... and the capital letters that led me to read it as sarcastic. Yeah, I see that you got the hint, I acknowledged that to you by the way I answered your qu. About the reading deeper, one reason for posts can be to gauge the reaction. Baddies will often give themselves away by how they react, even not reacting can be a giveaway. @Klue - Just for arguments sake, if I were Snape (which I'm not), I wouldn't go for Miki as she could be good. I would go for someone who has acted suspicious and had time to defend. That way
  18. Although if she's bad and we can confirm it, then who cares if she can't talk? I hope the block and trap don't target the same person as that would be a waste. Do we know who Pettigrew is? Because he is immune from NK so I don't see any disincentive for outing. (Forgive me if I missed the post that said who PG is.)
  19. Auramyna

    Fabpig - Prominent Member Lolz, was that deliberate?
  20. Oh, I forgot to say: I don't know if Anon truly agrees with me or is jumping on my suspicions and running with it, to strengthen suspicion on others, hence not himself. I hope you are being honest with me, Anon. I need to be able to trust your good intuitions. Just that after that game where we were baddies together, I know how cunning you are with your "theories", mark my words, MARK IT!
  21. Out of curiosity, who would you suggest is blocked if we could choose? Plzzzz ansa sooon so ah cn put ma acshun inzzz.... Nah jks
  22. Yes, I'm aware it's night cycle. I take offence at what you said, which insults my intelligence, and the way you said it, which was rude. I said in my first post that I would be back in a bit after I'd read the thread, to give my impression on things, due to replacing Aki. That was why I went through and listed off what I thought. I didn't mean lynch now. Also, by now you should have learned not to take posts at face value. You need to look deeper. There are reasons for everything people post; the meaning for things is sometimes a few layers removed. I could explain further but I don'
  23. Auramyna

    Isn't anyone going to say smth about my puerile joke? I really don't know why but it had me cracking up. Hint: there is no "some random guy"
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