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  1. Auramyna

    Klueless Mafia

    Okay everyone. I figured out my puzzle. Once I actually sat down to look at it, it was easy, with a lil help from Google Btw, I'm a vanilla Happy I at least know what side I am on but ModFrammit, I really wanted an action. Do vanillas get a chance to gain an action if they solve the daily puzzle? And is it the first person to solve it who gets the action?
  2. Auramyna

    Klueless Mafia

    Maaan, I lost track of time. Um.... checking in (?) I promise I'll do better >.> I think I can work out this puzzle, I just have to take 5 mins to google it. But I gotta go out and stuff, so I come back later and break it all down for you guyz, okay? Hold your breath :yes:
  3. Auramyna

    Klue Mongers 9.mboon 8. Thalia (This is dependent on the game being near the end around the 16th. That's when all h*** breaks loose for me at school. ) 7. Nana7 6. 'Cat'astrophe 5. tolecnal 4. shadow 3. Molly Mae, son of Irwin* 2. aura 1. Aaryan Backups: 1. 2. 3. nth. Framm Sign shad and I up Lets the games begin!!!!!!!
  4. Auramyna

    I would like to see this be less of a "newbie mafia" and have better roles/ less vanillas. Or maybe, Klue, are you intending on doing a Klueless 2, 3, 4 etc, as per Shad's Harry Potter series? And if this is Klueless mafia, does that mean you are the Klueless Master (i.e - master of kluelessness??) And can I get royalties for making up the name?
  5. Auramyna

    1. kristmark1 2. EDM 3. MiKi 4. Tolecnal 5.Slick 6. Akriti 7.Shad 8. maurice 9. LJ (LJayden) 10. 11. smoth333 12. 13. Aaryan 14. Backups 1. 2. Thalia 3. 4. Framm18 Fixing the roster. Thanks to all you guys who signed up so quick. See Nana7, did I do good? Just call me ichi-ni-san-shi1234
  6. I freaking wish she would stop referring to the Goodies as the Town. It sounds so scummy. Also, I said and then she said I said whiny beetch AND also Sakura. That implies that Molly was the whiny "lady" and let me tell you, Molly is one "ladyy" freaking "lady" when she's PMSing. Molly, you are a cold, hard, lady. An ice cold, rock-hard, lady of all ladyy ladies. (Don't hit me, please. *ducks*) See, Sak-C? I pick on other people too. Though, as I said, Molly doesn't count cos she is a freaking crayzee wh0r3.
  7. @ Sakura A) I was talking to Molly not you. 2) You have used up your allowance of ghost posts (and they're meant to be in grey.) %) Don't even try to understand anything Molly, mojo or me say cos you won't get it. Even our friends often have trouble following our conversations. D) Calm down, relax, you are way too uptight. 5) You are about to win the game! &) In-game comments are in-game. You need to get a thicker skin. People use all kinds of tactics in mafia and it has nothing to do with out of game.
  8. :lmao: and Lolzers and GoTeam™ and TooFreakingGood™ and 9® is 9® and DieWitch™ Any questions or clarifications, please ask.
  9. Aaaww Jeez, nox. I am VerySorry that you died It's such a FreakingPity that people don't pay more attention. ThankFcuk® we got rid of that whiny beetch, tho... And I mean that, And same thing re; Sakura
  10. Please move my Vote to Bong. . (i am on an ipod.)
  11. What? So Molly is bad? I skipped a few pages so where did this happen? a) bring me up to speed re Molly, and 2) We still have a bit less than a day to vote so let's info gather a bit and then I'll swap to Molly if the situation requires it.
  12. @ Yodell - yeah, later on let's pressure vote tolecnal together. Laterhaps, maytimes...
  13. Huh?! He was voting for Shadow before he was born? But.... how is that even POSSible? Don't worry about Molly, he can look after himself. He knows how to vote so just trust him that he'll do w/e tf he deems right.
  14. 2) what happened to the <3 fest? f) I kinda feel left out of Molly's hate-fest :dontcare:
  15. Players: 1. Bong - voting for sakura 2. Molly Mae - voting for Shadow7, Sakura, Bong, Maurice, and Akriti 4. Akriti 5. tolecnal - voting for Akriti 6. Sakura-chan - voting for Yodell 7. Aura - voting for Akriti 8. maurice - voting for darth nox 9. KlueMaster - trapped N2 by Mr. Bliss 10. curr3nt - voting for Yodell 11. darth nox 12. Thalia - voting for Molly Mae (see post 194 for reason) 13.Yodell - voting sakura 14. Shadow7- voting sakura 15. DarthMask - voting Bong DEAD: 3. EDM - the Grotesquery - Killed N1 by Springheeled Jack Swapping to darth nox to add pressure. c3 and sakura - Yodell has spoken so it is time to move on in the interest of info gathering. Edit - changing to Akriti *sigh* as darth nox has now spoken. Sheesh. I cannot keep up.
  16. Okay I will take your word for it for the time being until I read the thread again. @ Sakura - please, just focus on the game. We don't want to talk about your problems. Whether you stay in the game relies on how well you play. So focus on the game and let the game measure your skill.
  17. Your play-style invites suspicion. Not only that, I think we can all pretty much agree that you are likely a goodie, but yet people STILL want to lynch you. Reason prolly being because you obfuscate the game so much that we can't get on with our business. You misunderstand everything and need so much guidance but refuse to accept any. Put simply, you are hard work with no pay-off. Also, if two people have the exact same unique way of talking and have the same stories and history, there is little doubt it is the same person. When you add on to that the same IP address, it is an absolute certainty. Oh, and I forgot, the same user name and the same way of getting people off side; same personality quirks. Need I go on? Just stop it, IP addresses don't lie.
  18. Players: 1. Bong - voting for sakura 2. Molly Mae - voting for Shadow7, Sakura, Bong, Maurice, and Akriti 4. Akriti 5. tolecnal - voting sakura 6. Sakura-chan - voting for Yodell 7. Aura - voting for Yodell 8. maurice - voting for darth nox 9. KlueMaster - trapped N2 by Mr. Bliss 10. curr3nt - voting for Yodell 11. darth nox 12. Thalia - voting for Molly Mae (see post 194 for reason) 13.Yodell - voting sakura 14. Shadow7- voting sakura 15. DarthMask - voting Bong DEAD: 3. EDM - the Grotesquery - Killed N1 by Springheeled Jack Sick of this sidetrack into Waah-waah fest. Let's move on. (Btfw, Sak-C - it isn't personal, these are all mafia tactics in case you didn't realise. You are WAY too sensitive to play mafia. Additionally, if you can't even listen to constructive feedback, then how are you going to listen enough to pickup the subtleties of not only the game but what people are saying about their roles?) Voting for Yodell to add pressure. Yodell, if you have already defended, just link me as this thread is so long.
  19. She won't show you as she got banned. And I am not talking about mafiamaniac either. She has a habit, all over the net, of being so stubborn that she ends up banned. 3 times that I know of. @Slickura - See how good my info gathering skillz are? That is what you need to do in this game, instead of focusing your efforts on mojo. He is not bad (in-game) but let's pretend hypothetically that he was. You have chosen the wrong player to butt up against as he can out maneuver you any day of the week. (Aw damn, that wasn't really a compliment.) Your role could be the freaking Archangel Gabriel and mo would make you look bad so just stop already. It is a losing battle. @ Yomi - two words: IP address. @ Slickura-chan again - How tf do you manage to alienate so many people so quickly? Also, this is mafia; If you can't take the heat, get outta the kitchen. And empty out your bulging pockets first, we need those nuts. >: (
  20. Wow! Just like you voted for me after I voted for you. Well, Slickura-Chan, you have shown your true colours...
  21. Sakur The pattern I have seen with you, both in mafia, out of mafia, on this site, on mafia maniac and on other sites, is to stubbornly stick to your beliefs which are usually baseless, and not listen to anything anyone tries to say to you. You won't progress as a mafia player, or as a person, like that. I have witnessed SO MANY people try to help you and you refuse to listen, instead getting more and more belligerent and defensive about it. It wasn't personal but you make it so. There has never been a person who has had this effect on our community.
  22. @ Sak-C - If mojo is scapegrace (which if we believe him, he isn't) then he will be very useful in end game. 3) because an extra guy on our side makes all the diff btwn losing or winning, and G) because his redirect, in end game, can totally screw the baddies as it acts on everything. (Also, hang on a sec - doesn't scapegrace need 2 kills to die or some such freaking sh!t? (SSFS for future reference (FFR))) Therefore why would we waste a lynch on him?
  23. @ Nana - sorry, I didn't see that there before (prolly cos I only found an Aaryan post not a Nana post. Didn't look hard tbh.) Thanks, Nana. You're the best
  24. Tolecnal, you are a big boy in my eyes, even though I know you are a girl. And belive you me, I have trouble keeping up with this thread, it is moving too fast; too many pages. But do what I do; just use your mafia gut feeling skillz, cos I know you have them, I have seen them in action. ProTip: You have to relax or it won't work. If you try to bring on the gut feelings they ebb away. So jump on the MafiaSkillzTrain™ (Psst - mojo, you can start the engine back up now.) P.S - @Aaryan and Nana7 - would you be able to put links to the Day/Night Posts in your signature, please? :prettyplease: :thumbstfup:
  25. @ Goodies, DO NOT TRY RECRUITING MAURICE TONIGHT. It will be a wasted action. I am ScapeGrace, of course! No seriously, Sak-C is scapegrace, and she is trying to put us off the trail by saying the Indies are enemies. @ Sak-C - Are you freaking serious? 1) mojo has basically given away his role. D) People have defended him. Thalia and I certainly have vouched for mojo. And if I cbf going back through the thread to list all the people who have defended mojo. &) Did you just say mojo is Scapegrace? :lmao: That is so freaking funny.
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