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  1. This is the story of the adventure through time of David and Ruby People i think u underestimate this one, you doesn't even notice it If u want to get a challenging riddle~story here it starts : It's an ephemere one ending with france's quarantine May 11th Good Luck PS : If u need help to translate to english just tell me
  2. Hi, a videast is doing a "through quarantine" 5-step-riddle and we're stucked... Here it is : If you've come this far, you should be able to get to the end, Ruby. I repeat I am sure you will not remember me, you never looked at me ... you used to see me, greet me like everyone else but you never looked at me, like a queen who doesn't look at a simple peasant. I was blond, a little over 6'8 ", brown eyes and freckles and you were ... beautiful. I knew a lot about you, I didn't necessarily seek but every time I learned something about you I kept it preciously as if it all
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