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  1. Sorry to say I didn't save my counts. Slightly burnt out from counting, recounting, and rerecounting the previous ones. lol. Maybe I'll try again when I've had more time to recover.
  2. I did some quick counting for the easier ones. I've noticed that at least up to this point, the number of combinations of C, E, M, and X is (# cubelets removed+1)^2. There are 25 combinations for 4 cubelets removed. The ones including X would be the same as the counts for 3 cubelets without X. I did not count the combinations that have 2 or more E's or CCEM, CCMM, AND CEMM. I got 191 for the rest. I'm guessing the ones I didn't count are going to be pretty high so maybe around 500?
  3. When you remove a cubelet, the kind you remove matters because it changes the shape. When you take away 26, it doesn't matter which one is left. There may be 4 different labels but in the end, when it comes to the remaining shape, all you see is a cube. Another thing. For T27, there is one possibility. But given the phrasing of the original question, does nothing count as a shape?
  4. A couple more revisions because I can't tell the difference between counting to 4 and counting to 6 at night. Thanks for checking all these. That's a lot of numbers!
  5. Full guess with numbered cubelets and revision to CEE.
  6. Not sure if these are supposed to go together or be 6 separate things.
  7. New number for EEE. But I'm still getting the same result for CEE and CEM.
  8. I understand now. I interpreted it as making the triangle from the lines you get from trisecting. I didn't know you could connect the intersecting points. Thanks for clarifying.
  9. Recount. EEM and EEC intentionally left out. About CEX
  10. Lol. I'm not sure what my score is anymore. Can you score this?
  11. Nevermind the CEX numbers. I really need to find a cube I can hold...
  12. I see what you mean about CEX although I'm not sure how to show that with the numbering system. That throws a wrench in my counting. . .
  13. So 6/7 in the last post and check CEX?
  14. Think I found one of the 2 I changed from correct to incorrect. But I think that would leave one of these as still wrong though I can't figure out which. . .
  15. Revision to CCC and EEX with numbers.
  16. Pretty sure these counts are wildly inaccurate but here goes...:
  17. For Bert, can you draw lines between points of intersection (like the theorem rocdocmac mentioned) or does the triangle have to be formed from the trisecting lines as attached?
  18. Welcome back Cavenglok! That series sounds vaguely familiar but I don't think I followed it at the time. It sounds interesting though. Good to see another former member back.
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