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  1. Mike. If Mike runs and walks for the same amount of time, he will have to run further than he walks. If they both start by running, James will stop running at the halfway (distance) point but Mike has to run past the halfway point to compensate for the slower walking speed.

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  2. Ed


    Based on 3 and 8, the black queen has to be in one of the bottom 2 rows. There are 2 white rooks. One is in a column by itself (15). The other is south of the knight (1) and north of the black rook. That means the knight has to be at least the 3rd row from the bottom so that doesn't work with being directly across from the queen.


  3. If the black queen is on the extreme east per clue 8 (N,S,W spaces adjacent), and alone in her column per clue 12, that leaves only the W space to put both the pawn and bishop mentioned in clue 8. Should it maybe read the queen is alone in her own row?

  4. Spoiler
    Anti-emerald crystal red
    Solid heat crystal orange
    Envy drops crystal yellow
    Antiruby crystal green
    Fragments of memory crystal blue
    Vampire heart crystal purple
    Tongue stingy dust red
    Salted sun dust orange
    Tooth dough dust yellow
    Pulverised leaves dust green
    Stardust dust blue
    Dragon blood dust purple
    Faceless mandrake leaf red
    Amber feathers leaf orange
    Envy petals leaf yellow
    Crocodile tears leaf green
    Neverthen leaves leaf blue
    Moonflower leaf purple
    Love blood liquid red
    Sweet sulfur liquid orange
    Basic acid liquid yellow
    Green wine liquid green
    Essence of sadness liquid blue
    Baleful destiny liquid purple


  5. It looks like you're taking the first letter and essentially rotating it through the different positions while the other letters remain in the same order. I noticed that all the possible permutations begin with two letters that were next to each other in the original sequence (or in the first and last spot). For example, I don't think you can get a sequence starting with AC. So this does not seem to hold up. 

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